HELLO from the beach!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 |

Okay, the internet here pretty much stinks, so if this even gets finished and published, we are doing good here.......I just thought I would say hello, and share a VERY funny moment with you.
Yesterday while at the beach, Craig buried the boys in the sand. While they were helpless under all that sand, he threw goldfish on top of them causing all of the sea gulls to dive in for the food! He then continued to throw the crackers on the boys.......
Stupid and yet hilarious at the same time! Carter and Ethan thought it was great and were laughing the whole time....however, Drew didn't think the birds on his face were quite that funny, and he cried. AND that was only the FIRST time Craig made poor little Drew cry yesterday................I'll tell you about WHAT ELSE he did later!!

So with that, I'm off to tend to my sunburn......OUCH!!!

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  • BethAnne

    OH MY GOODNESS!!! I cannot believe he did that....it is like a horror movie or something!!! Why are ya'll still at the beach --- dont your kids have school ? What kind of parents are you ????? ;-) There is a time to work, a time to play, a time to lay in the sun, and a time to take your kids to school, .....it says so right in Ecclesiates!!

  • Jessica Smith

    that is so funny! poor drew!!

  • Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family)

    How funny! It sounds like your hubby is one funny guy! I have always wanted to bury someone in the sand. I would have been freaking out with the birds on my head too!

    Enjoy the beach!

  • ShortOne

    i know i would have not been able to handle the birds that close to me, but i wouldn't be opposed to doing it to someone else.

    hope you keep having fun. use vinegar on the sunburn - just soak a cloth in it & then lay it on the sunburn. it stinks terribly, but takes the sting & burn out almost instantly!

  • Scrapper Mom

    I am wondering too, don't the kids have school? What beach are you at?

    That's just so not fair that you are still having fun at the beach while the rest of us are getting our kids off to school and having to go to work. Wah....

  • gina

    School schmool- you only live once! We took the kids out of school three weeks before the end of school last year to go to Florida for a week because that's when my hubs was free and airfare was cheapest-it the school had a problem with it I was going to offer them to give me the extra $300 dollars!!(no lie!) It would have cost to fly during april vacation.

    Have lots more fun AND remeber to reapply woman!

  • Shelley Hendrix

    Hey girl,

    I am so glad you posted this picture and put this on here. I am SO going to do this to Stephen the next time we're at the beach, which will be sooner rather than later when we go on the Cruise for a Cause in a few weeks--shhhh...don't tell him, k? ha ha...gotta make sure I pack those goldfish crackers. lol

  • Anonymous

    It's funny to look at, but were I there, I would have had to peg something at the birds or run at them and rescue that poor kid! And I thought my husband was funny, but yours - OMGness! Glad you're having fun in the sun, but the advice to reapply your sunscreen is a pearler!!!

  • CMB

    Holy crap! I totally feel for Drew. I HATE BIRDS. That would have given me a friggin heart attack! Poor baby boy. The picture is classic though. Hope your burn has subsided.

  • David, Tammy, Megan and Hobbes

    You guys should just buy Drew a journal to keep track of all such incidents. It will be easier for recollection when he's 30 and on the therapist's couch... :-)