Beach Pictures!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008 |

Sorry about ALL the pics....I just had so much fun taking them this past week. This is only a FRACTION of what I actually took!! ha! There are some more on my facebook account for my TRUE stalkers...hee hee hee...

On three different occassions we were able to see dolphins. One was right off the beach where we actually saw two FLIP out of the water and do circles in the was incredible!! The other was on our pirate cruise, where the picture above was taken, and the third I didn't see but Craig and Carter could practically reach out and touch the MANY MANY dolphins that were swimming by their boat on the deep sea fishing trip they went on.
Everybody all together now.....AAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!
The beach we went to this year is BY FAR my favorite beach that we have visited in the panhandle. The views, the sand, the surf.....OH MY, absolutely STUNNING!! I think we have definitely found our "return" stomping grounds.
Carter absolutely LOVES to "catch" things, and he will spend hours doing so. This was the catch of the day.

Uh huh.....that's a swimsuit (well, under a towel AND a child...and let me tell you, that's ALL you're getting)......on the blog for the world to see......NO MORE REQUESTS for pictures of me allowed!!! Ha!Ha!
So these are my three favorite people in the whole world , don't they make a beautiful picture?

Oh, this HURTS just looking at it.....I can TOTALLY hear that chair calling my name...

Craig and Carter being Craig and me heart attacks as each "toss" got higher...

This is one of my FAVES!!! LOVE the water hitting them!
There go my babies running after their daddy.
Always the sassifras that she is, she wanted to wear these out on the beach.....the answer was no. But, she definitely gets an A for effort.....she sure did try!!
These pictures were taken at one of our favorite places to hang in the panhandle. Destin commons, where there is tons of shopping, restaurants, ice cream places, movie theatre, and our personal favorite...the shooting water fountains!! This year we were smart and brought their swimsuits...(in previous years we just let them run in their clothes, and then they would FREEZE the whole way home!!) They had a BLAST running around and being KIDS!!!

One thing we do EVERY night on vacation is GET ICE CREAM!! We usually go to a different place each night after dinner and get our sugar fix!! The kids look forward to this as much as anything else because we don't let them have hardly any sugar at home. Plus, it just makes for a great vacation tradition that the whole family enjoys!!
Crazy bucketheads!!

This was taken at the community pool where our house was located. The pool was absolutely unbelievable. I've never seen one like this before. It was 12,000 square feet with waterfalls, fountains, and infiinity edges. It was AWESOME!
A big highlight of the trip was our Pirate Cruise. We took the kids on a "real" pirate cruise where pirates played pirate games with them, they swabbed the decks, pulled treasure out of the sea, got their faces painted, sang pirate songs, danced, and tons of other stuff!! It was sooo fun, and the kids are already asking if we can do it again the next time we go.
Just ONE of the beautiful sunsets we were able to enjoy. God sure does paint a stunning picture don't ya think?
Enough said.
Leave it to Carter and the Dover boys to climb the dunes...even though there was a large sign that said STAY OFF THE DUNES!!!
This was the street that our house was on.


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