I had NOTHING to do with this!

Friday, September 26, 2008 |

Here is a conversation that occurred yesterday morning while we were all getting ready and before Ava went to school.
Ava looks at me, rolls her eyes, and gives me a once over. Word for word verbatim hand on hip she says: "Ummmm, mommy, if you're wearing THAT, you are NOT taking me to school!"
me: "what?"
Ava: "you can't be the one to take me to school!"
me: "AVA, I don't even get OUT of the car when I take you, we use the carpool! Why do you care?"
She looked at me again in my sweat shorts and t-shirt, then turned to her daddy and said: "Daddy, get out of the shower, YOU'RE taking me to school!!"
Craig to me: "SEEEEEEEEEEEE???????? I told you you created a monster!!!"
I get blamed for everything....hhhhhmmmpphhhhhhhhh!

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