Random thoughts from the weekend

Sunday, September 7, 2008 |

I can't believe the weekend is over! It has truly been one jam packed weekend, and I am so sad to start another very busy week tomorrow.
Yesterday Carter had a football game first thing in the morning at the Highschool field. Being in that big stadium was awesome, but it was so stinkin' hot I thought we were going to melt before the game ended!! The poor players could barely move they were so hot! I felt terrible for them. We lost. Again. Oh well, I'm still cheering them on!!

After the game, my mom, sister, and I went to Stone Mountain for the daisy festival. Again it was sooooo hot, but it was fun to just be with my mom and sister which we hardly ever get to do. Stone Mountain is so totally cool.....I wonder why we don't go there more often? hmmmmm......

Today in church they did a "Saturday Night Live" like skit to a bon jovi song and they changed all the words.......it was HILARIOUS! They were making a plug for an upcoming kids program, and both Craig and I were laughing hysterically.
I'm sure glad it's O.K. to have FUN in church!! I've been involved in churches and schools when I was younger that pretty much only had the "CAN'T do's" of Christianity as their focus (and TRUST me ......their lists are LONG!!). I never REALLY knew how much FREEDOM there was in Christ until I was well in to my adult years, and started attending FBCW.
I loved laughing IN CHURCH today..... and then having a Pastor who loves the Lord with all his heart come and preach straight from THE WORD!!
I had started the day off kind of sad because I thought we had other plans for this afternoon and they had to be cancelled, but I ended up hearing and understanding something today that I DESPERATELY needed to hear (NO! Not the Bon Jovi song!!!), and am confident that we were right where we were supposed to be. I love how God works that way sometimes. OUR plans are not always HIS, but in the end, HIS are best!!

Okay, this is a totally boring post.....and I'm having serious issues with my A.D.D right now.....that or I'm still traumatized by seeing my neighbor naked.....I don't know, but this is all I've got tonight folks!! I know I know.....B-O-R-I-N-G!!!! ........Sorry!!
I'll share some pics of Ava that I took today, just because I thought they were cute.
I'll try to UNbore myself tomorrow! Have a great week!!

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  • BethAnne

    Okay, the dress is precious and the flower in the hair? I heart flowers in hair - am I too old to do that?
    I just read your previous post about the nekkid neighbor and I thought I would pee my pants. There are so manay things I could say about that post, but I have decided that most of them would be a little too vulgar, so I will refrain. I bet you learn to stop peeking in the neighbors windows, huh?
    Oh yeah, and there is an R in shirt --- if you leave the R out, it makes a dirty word.....ya did that on purpose didnt ya? I am thinking that a girl who is a peeping tom will say just about anything....hahhahhaha

    Man, I wish we were neighbors so we could get together and laugh ourselves silly. (of course if we were neighbors, I would always keep my blinds closed and I would only vacuum nekkid in the middle of the night)

  • gina

    That outift is DARLING!!

  • Cindy

    Cute pictures and I LOVE the flower in her hair, so pretty! Glad you had a good weekend.
    Oh, and we SHOULD have fun in church! :)

  • Jennifer

    Ava is adorable! The kids have to wear uniforms to school or I would so love that outfit. But maybe I could do some hair pieces like that to dress up the navy and khaki! ROFL

    Can't wait to see some pics of Stone Mountain. We want to go there. Maybe for the fall??

  • Anonymous

    The weekends need to be at least a day longer, don't you think? At least... Ava is a darling!!! My Sambo was going to be "Ava" - Ava Gabriella. I'm still dreaming of my little girl, but she's turned into a "Tessa"; each pregnancy and in between, I've changed names... Now, why am I mentioning that???!!! I'm off to bed - t'is way past my bedtime here!!!

  • Hollie

    Adorable photos of Ava!!