Movie Night

Saturday, September 27, 2008 |

Last night Craig and I went to see this movie. I didn't tell him what the movie was about because if I did, I knew he wouldn't have wanted to go. I just told him that it was opening night for something that I had wanted to see for a long time. (Luckily he was running late getting home from work, and was just trying to actually MAKE the date, let alone inquire about what we were doing...)
Well, OF COURSE the second we get there we would have to run into our neighbors coming out of a movie. They asked us what movie we were going to see, and I tried to cough out Nights in the Rodanthe. I knew the second I said it that this particular neighbor would have a hay day with Craig. "WOW" he says "how'd she get you to take her to the chic movie of the year?" turns to me "whatever you did, don't tell MY wife how to do it! I'm not seeing that movie!!"
Craig looked at me with that "you're DEAD" look, and I pulled him into the theater before he could object.
If you know Craig, you know that he is a total MAN'S MAN, sports freak, beat 'em up slash 'em up type of movie guy . This movie was nothing short of PURE MISERY for him.
At one point the ladies (yes there were many Ladies groups in the theater.....maybe a handful of men...oops!) behind him were crying. He turns to me to make fun of them, and finds me crying too. At this point he says real loud "Are you serious?? This is the cheesiest thing I have ever seen!!" Then he proceeds to start laughing. I kicked him and told him to shut up.

My verdict for the movie was that it was okay. I enjoyed it, didn't come out hootin' and hollerin' (of course that may have been due to the fact that I thought there was a good chance that coming out I would find a hood of women waiting to fight Craig....)but it was worth seeing once I guess. I personally do not think that it compared to The Notebook though like they said it would. It served it's purpose. Created tears. Made men of all ages jealous that women of all ages still think Richard Gere has it goin' on ( and frankly I think that is the REAL reason Craig had such a problem with it....).

Just don't remind Craig about this movie. Ever. My "I owe you's" quadrupled after last night.......ggrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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