I'm Baaaaaaaaack!!

Sunday, September 21, 2008 |

Hello! I am back from vacay and procrastinating reality right now. I have no idea where my children and hubby are, and I am still in my pj's. How's that for a Sunday? Oh, and obviously we missed church as well. YIKES! I guess I need to get it together before the HUGE slap of schedules and MAJOR dose reality slaps me in the face tomorrow....but for now I'm still laying on the beach....in my mind.

The Internet was AWFUL at the house we rented, I was only able to get on it for maybe five minute increments once or twice a day. I was LOST without my daily blog reads. I have a lot of catching up to do this evening AFTER the kiddos are in bed of course:) That and the suitcases that need to be unpacked sometime today.....uugghhhh.

We had a great time though, and it pained me greatly to have to leave. I am already scheming, I mean planning our next getaway to the beach. I wonder if Craig would think next week would be too soon.....

So while we were there, we would all be down on the beach dreaming, pretending, and the "if I's" would start rolling. Here is a conversation that I found particularly humorous.
Craig: "IF I had a house on the beach (keep dreamin' kid...), I would definitely have a boat"
Jeff: "You would man? I guess I probably would too, though, I'm not sure about the upkeep, I would have to hire someone for that"
Craig: "Oh definitely hire someone, I wouldn't want the upkeep either"
So this is where I decide to inject my little 'ole opinion.
Me: "well, the only way I would have a boat is if we had a slip to store it in, because it would be a pain to always have to put it in the water, and then get it out again every time you wanted to use it"
You would have thought I just shot them or something the way they looked at me after I said that!!!!
Jeff: "THAT'S EXXXXXPENSIVEEEEEE......I think those slots run about $5-$800 dollars a month"
Craig: " YEAH... that's WAAAAAAAY too expensive, we DEFINITELY wouldn't have one of those" (then proceeded to give me the evil eye like DUUUUHHHHH you are an idiot)
Ummmmm, did I miss something here?? OKAY, because having a two million dollar home on the beach, a hundred thousand dollar boat, AND a boat upper keeper are within our grasp, but the boat SLOT is just WAAAAAAY over the top??????????:)
NOW who's the idiot?

We really didn't watch TV either while we were there, so without TV AND Internet, I have NO idea what is going on in the world right now. (Not that that is a HUGE difference from normal....but hey, nobody really has to know that....)
I did see (thanks to my friend Bethanne) the interviews of Obama and McCain on "The View".
And let me preface with saying that I HATE The View. It is such a biased trashy so called talk show....the only person I like on there is Elizabeth. Anyways, it's unbelievable the difference in the interviews. Barbara was RIDICULOUS to McCain, and then called Obama sexy during his interview. OKAY BARB, cause I guess SEXY will get him voted in......but then, maybe that's all you got????
You can watch these interviews on you tube....I'm too lazy and incompetent right now to post the links. Just type in Obama and McCain interviews on The View.

I'm going to close for now with saying that I seriously look as though I have given myself a skin graft on my face...using my own face skin. Why am I so ANALLY insistent on getting the kids covered in sunscreen, and yet I act as though I am the one exception to the sun rules??
I guess the "idiot button" has bounced back to my corner after all...........but I am sure by the end of the day Hubs will be wearing it PROUDLY again..........and so another day rolls in Zland........

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