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Saturday, October 25, 2008 |

Yes, we went to see this movie last night. And yes,Craig went with us. He wasn't happy about it, but he went. Did he like it? Well, to quote him word for word after the movie he said, "I would rather light a ten dollar bill on fire and watch it burn slowly". Alrighty then! I'm pretty sure there are zero other interpretations of that statement.
(I have to admit though that if he DID like it, I would be slightly disturbed and have to question his manhood!!! ha!ha!) Did I like it? Ummmmm, well, not so much, though not to the hatred extent of Craig. I mean it is what it is. It's HIGH SCHOOL Disney intended for just that. It wasn't scratch the chalkboard bad, but there was definitely enough cheese in there to last a lifetime.
The kids however LOVED it. Ava, her cousin Addie, and her friend Macauly danced the ENTIRE time. When Carter and Ava got in the car the first thing they asked was when it would be on DVD, and when we could buy it! To which Craig said, "I'd rather buy you ten new WII games, then buy ONE of those movies....." ha!ha!ha! So, will we own the movie one day? Yes. Will mommy and daddy VIEW the movie ever again? No.
After the movie, we were introduced for the first time to RITA'S! It was awesome! Yummy homemade custard combined with Italian ice. WOW! Great new find! Thanks Pete and Hollie for the intro.....I think.......It just occurred to me that this is NOT on my healthy eating plan........oh crap.
So after a Looooong night of dinner, movies, dancing, and dessert, this is the farthest Ava made it when headed to bed. Daddy had to carry her the rest of the way. I love it!

Okay, let's move on to an update on the "monster experiment" that the Z house has been participating in. (If you don't know what I am talking about, you can read about it here.)
I have been so surprised at how this experiment has been working. (BTW....we start over every week, lest you think this is ALL the monsters we have gotten in three weeks. Trust me, we fill it and even have "I owe you's" when we run out! ha!ha!)
We have truly been trying to exercise self control in our home, and this has been such a fun and worthwhile way of doing so. But, you KNOW I have a reason for updating you don't you? And it most likely involves Craigo right? Yep! It sure does! Guess what his latest monster was for?
DANCING PROVOCATIVELY!!! Uh huh, leave it to MY husband to "do a little dance" in front of all creation to see. I can just see Carter going to school and getting himself kicked out of school for copying his dad, then saying, "BUT MY DAD DOES IT!" How embarrassing. Seriously, WHO does this kind of stuff?

(Oh, just a side note here, I'm fairly confident Craig DID find out about my latest "revelation" about him........I woke up the morning after he had asked me about my blog, with his BOXERS wrapped around my head!! And. Not. Clean. Ones. He wanted to know if THAT was considered romantic!!! Idiot!! He thinks he's sooooooo funny.......well, I'll show HIM funny. You just wait...........until.........until.........well, until I think of something. TAKE THAT Mr. Funny!)

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  • Anonymous

    Your good for sitting through HSM 1 & 2, let alone 3!!! My goodness, I couldn't even watch the shorts! There is no way I could drag my Husband to any movie he didn't want to see - so your Husband gets a Goldie on the fridge as far as I'm concerned... Bless little Ava... she must have danced up a storm!

  • "Doe" The Female Deare

    OH NO!!!! Not only do I think that we are related somewhere down the line but your husband and mine has got to be KIN FOLKS. That is tooooo funny! You have got to go get him and be real creative! Haa Haa!!!!

  • Anonymous

    All I have to say to you is booo. Can't believe that you cheated. Just for your info, I have NOT cheated once. I have been on this diet for 7 wks. Not one dessert.

  • Lindsay-ann

    Hi Heidi
    Thanks for the warning about HSM3. We will be seeing it next week! When we go see films like that my husband says just before it starts "Wake me up when it's over" and then falls asleep. His favorite phrase about watching again is "I would rather stick pins in my eyes". I think our husbands would get on like a house on fire!
    I like the sound of the custard ice cream. I don't think we have that over here yet. The Oreo biscuits have only just arrived recently in England!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • Hollie

    I'm glad you liked Rita's!! You will have weekly cravings:) Craig was a trooper at the movie and behaved himself very nicely.......i'm just surprised that you didn't share about his dancing skills at the movies!! It was a fun night!!

  • Ivette Falcon

    Hey, HSM3 cannot have been any worse than "Nights In Rodanthe!" Poor Craig... I think he should pick the next FIVE movies!!

  • Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family)

    I have to admit that I have (secretly) wanted to see all of the High School Musical cheesy am I? Anyway, I haven't rented any of them yet.

    I agree with Ivette Falcon about Nights of Rodanthe being bad...don't see that one!

  • Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family)

    I have to admit that I have wanted to see all three of the High School Musical cheesy does that make me?

  • David, Tammy, Megan and Hobbes

    I can't believe that Craig is such a sucker that he still goes to the movies with you. Has he not learned??

    I'll have to tell David about the boxers on your head. He irritates Megan and puts her underwear on his head or on hers so maybe underwear on the head is just in their genetic makeup...