Oh how oh how can I count the reasons for loving this man....

Sunday, October 26, 2008 |

So we were sitting in church today, and Craig kept fidgeting. I wasn't really paying attention to him until the fidgeting became obnoxious, and I FINALLY looked down in HORROR to his shoes and SOCKS!!! THIS is what he had worn today......WHAT is wrong with this man? Sport socks? White ones?
I looked at him with complete disgust. He had this HUGE smirk on his face and said "I was waiting for you to notice". He did it ON PURPOSE! I'm telling you, this man does stuff just to taunt me!! He knew darn well, you don't wear white socks with ANYTHING other that tennis shoes. And he ALSO knew I would have a fit about it.
There he was sitting in church moving around like a two year old hiking his pant leg up farther and farther just to mess with me! He pulls this kind of stuff ALL the time!!

One time we went on a cruise and the first day we were up on the deck he was strutting around like a fitness model. I mean chest out and head cocked. He would actually act as if he was walking the runway, and then would do dramatic turns. He wouldn't stop!! I was so mad and embarrassed that I just ignored him and acted like I didn't know WHO he was or WHY he was acting like such a fool. I ignored him for a good hour!!
THEN I SAW and realized WHY he was strutting in front of me (and the 4,000 other people on deck). The IDIOT had SHAVED his entire body!! I thought I was going to die right there!! Of course he had told his buddy Jeff what he had done (well, told yes, but HELLO....he had NO hair and he was in a swimsuit....I guess Jeff MIGHT have noticed, and maybe just maybe been slightly curious as to WHY someone would opt to do something like that. Though of course Jeff thought it was very funny, which DIDN'T help my case. At. All.:) and they were both seeing how long it would take for me to notice.
Well, the joke ended up being on him.......when three days into the vacation the hair began to grow back, and he was itching like a dog with fleas the rest of the trip!!!! ha!ha! You see...he doesn't THINK things all the way through!!! Like SHAVING HIS HEAD.....and now looking like a chia pet while he is growing it out.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH........Life with the Craigster. Ya GOTTA love it!! (well, I DO anyways!!)
Italic And this is just a picture I took of my precious preshies today after church!! Just because.

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