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Wednesday, October 22, 2008 |

Yeah, he thinks he's so cool. He totally rocks the pink cooler!! Ha!Ha!

A few nights ago Craig and I decided to have a "check point" meeting with eachother. A check point meeting is where we get together without any distractions and just talk about us. We like to have these every once in a while to just make sure that we are on the same page, and to see if either of us have any concerns or needs that should be addressed. Basically, a time where we just make sure eachothers "love tanks" are full!!! (sound cheesy? You should try it......it's amazing what VOICING your concerns rationally and calmly can do for your relationship instead of keeping them inside and building resentment and bitterness towards eachother!)

Now, before I tell you what went on in that meeting, let me give a little background first.
I am NOT a big 'REAL' jewelry lover! (whoa....gasp! major shock! The absolute horror of it!) Yeah yeah, well, I'm not. It does not impress me. At. All. And yes, I realize I am a major minority among women... but, what can I say? I would MUCH rather have a top of the line vacuum, or a new couch, or a bar speed blender etc..etc.........you get my drift here. I used to think that I wanted a couple pieces from Tiffany's because it seemed soooo romantic to get that "little blue box", but after receiving two "little blue boxes" from Craig (and don't get me wrong, it was VERY sweet that he DID go there and get me things, and I sooooo love him for that), I realized that it wasn't the thrill I had thought it would be, and one of the things he bought for me has been worn about five times. Ever. (oh, the vacuum accessories I could have had....and STILL be using.....)
I have actually TURNED DOWN a pair of diamond earrings from Craig, so that I could have new living room furniture. I mean seriously, do you KNOW where an expensive pair of earrings would be right now? In my jewelry drawer. Or lost. No thanks. I'll go to Macy's and get some CZ's that look EXACTLY like diamonds if I REALLY want some. Which I don't.

Okay, so you get my drift right? Not. A. Jewelry. Lover. That being said, I do like romantic things. Romantic gestures. Romantic notes, emails....etc... Just not jewelry.
WELLLLLL, Craig's definition of romantic is a little different than mine. ( I guess he thought jewelry was the ONLY romantic thing there was to do, and I must have burst his bubble when I told him I didn't want him buying me anymore jewelry!) For instance, he thinks it's perfectly okay to say "you wanna a piece of me or what?" when he's "in the mood". I however can't stand it when he says that, and it DEFINITELY does not put ME "in the mood".

Sooooooo, back to our check point meeting. Me: "Well, I REALLY wish you would work on your "approach" to me, and try to be a little less OBVIOUS, maybe a little more ROMANTIC"
Craig: "What's wrong with my approach?" Me: "Do we REALLY need to go there? How LONG have I been talking about this?(8 years, but who's counting?) And just how often does that approach get you anywhere anyways?" Craig: " Good point. (duh!!????) Okay, I'll try to be a little more "romantic". Me: "Thanks."

Fast forward a few nights. We're lying in bed and I'm almost asleep, when I feel something "crawling" through my hair. Seriously it felt like a little mouse ratting and tangling my hair. Not only that, but there was thumping and tugging on my head going on as well. What in the world?
Me: "WHAAAAAAAT are you doing?" Craig: "I'm being ROMANTIC" Me:"Ummmm, by doing WHAT? Pulling my hair and flicking my head?" Craig: "I'm STROKING your hair, and THAT'S romantic!" Me:" THAT'S NOT STROKING, YOU ARE NOT BEING ROMANTIC AND IF WE TURNED THE LIGHTS ON RIGHT NOW THERE WOULD PROBABLY BE A CLUMP OF MY HAIR AND SOME OF MY SCALP ON THE PILLOW!!!!!" Craig: "Oh for gosh sake, do you want a piece of me or WHAT?"
Me: "What."

Ummmmmm, does anyone know where I can enroll him in a romantic101 class?

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  • David, Tammy, Megan and Hobbes

    I am crying laughing over here... Poor Craig!

  • Scrapper Mom

    Poor guy....but the way you put that was absolutely the funniest thing I've heard all day.

    I know. Believe it or not, I am the same way about the jewlrey. I would much rather have stuff for the house or scrapbooking stuff. Something I'll really use.

    AND....I get pretty much the same approach. I think it's all they know. lol.

  • "Doe" The Female Deare

    I have already tried to leave a comment once but I don't know where it went... oh well if you get it twice just over look me! We have got to be related somewhere down the line!!! We have way to much in common. My husband is pretty much the same way. He really can be romantic when he wants to be... he just doesn't want to be very often, Now me, on the other hand... I can be real creative when it comes to being romantic. Check out this idea that I have. I have a real romantice surprise planned for my husband on halloween night!!! I am going to put on a long black coat, hi-heels, some sort of mask that hides my true identity and slip out the back when he is not looking. Oh yes, I forgot one important part of this plan... I will not be wearing anything under the coat but a GREAT BIG SMILE!!!!
    I will ring the doorbell and wait for him to open the door with his bowl of treats and expecting to find some little trick or treaters! At this point I will fling open my coat and yell( in a disguised voice of course) TRICK OR TREAT BABY!!!!!! After that I will be rolling on the floor laughing my head off and about to pee in my pants..oh yes, I forgot.. I will not have on any pants! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. He better react with a look of horror or surprise to see a flasher at the door or it will be a real cold night! Ha. Keep him guessing what you are going to do next! It is a lot of fun being married to me so how could he not be romantic!!!

  • Anonymous

    Three letters come to mind. TMI. My man is the same way. Men do not get why we want to be romance. All men want is the wham, bam thank you ma'am.

  • Farm Fresh Jessica

    oh, I'm sorry...you'd think he'd pick up the hint after 8 years! What I did for my husband, who is very concrete, was make a list and hang it on the fridge with specific things that I thought would be romantic. It worked for us & was a good jumping off place too, because now he's doing much better...

  • Sandi Hixson

    okay....Mel....your comment is a HOOT.........
    but here is what i have to say.....with my fingers in my ears..........la lalalalalala la lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

  • Josh

    Craig needs to work on his romance. I wouldn't be able to get his whole sentence out without Hannah jumping my bones.

  • Anonymous

    I hope a co-worker does not walk by at this moment (I am at work) because I have the biggest smile on my face! That was too funny! MEN!...

  • Anonymous

    Was that your BROTHER who just left that last comment??? His wife... is she gonna go nuts?!?!?!

    I always have a tear-streaked face after reading your post. Oh, I can't say anymore.............

  • Hillary Hull

    LAUGHING! SO! HARD! and i love that the little word i have to type in below to get this comment published is ZZINGA!

  • Susie Homemaker

    Oh Heidi...I do believe this teeters on the edge of "risque"...But, I love you for your honesty...you funny, funny girl!

    My old lady cheeks are burning...

  • Susie Homemaker

    YAY! I just noticed you added me to your favs! You have been on mine for awhile...thanks, your the best!


  • Hannah

    Yes, I am Heidi's sister and Josh's wife, and Yes, I could KILL him.... Do ya think he has an EGO problem?

  • Heidi Zawisza

    Josh, I'm pretty sure you just sealed your fate for at least the next month or so.....Happy Couch Sleeping!!!! ..............DORK!

  • Lindsay-ann

    Hi Heidi
    Your post really made me laugh and cheered me up after a tiring day at work.
    I am with you on the jewelry. I much prefer something for the house as a gift or chocolates to enjoy rather than flowers just to look at! My husband asked me yesterday what I would like for Christmas and I said a new iron and a bath pannel that matches the toilet seat!!! Am I sad or what? Or do you understand where I am coming from?
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I am so pleased you enjoyed the deer park. Of course you can come and stay and I will be your personal tour guide. You can come with Naomi from Oz she has booked her place! You wouldn't want to live here though, it's far too wet and cold.

  • Sandi Hixson

    again.......i have a little "note" to add......firstly,
    i would like to say.......i, personally, have never had one of those "little blue boxes"...i wouldn't mind at least trying to see what they "feel" like......but i have experienced a lot of BLUE LIGHT SPECIALS.......okay...now that that is out of the way.....i would like to tell you that this particular blog has moved from PG into the X rating.........just thought you would like to know that........you sure know how to get the comments, don't you little girl?
    also.....i want your bloggy friends to know that i DISOWN josh as my son-in-law.....he is far too corrupt for me.....Hannah......do you need rescuing???

    JK!, or am i?

  • Anonymous

    All I can say is I am going to have to QUIT READING THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heidi Zawisza

    OOPS!! I thought you already HAD quit reading this ....DAD!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The comments on your posts are as funny as the post sometimes! Your hubby sounds like a m-a-n to me. :)

  • Heidi Zawisza

    Oh, and MOM, This has NOT reached the X rating yet....there are NO pictures!!! But even if there were, they wouldn't qualify for X either!!!! All you would get would be a picture of me fully clothed with a rats nest for hair...thanks to Craig's "head massage" !!

  • YaYa's Funhouse

    I am laughing so hard I can hardly breath! I am doe-female-deare's sister in law. She is a hoot!
    I am lovin your blog!!

  • Meaghan

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  • Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family)

    Good idea for a check point meeting. I like it and think I should mention it to hubby.

  • Josh

    I've been disowned, doing my 'special' dance right now. Uh, uh, uh!

  • BethAnne

    Ummm, yeah, if any of us knew where we could find a class like that, we would all enroll our husbands.

    Do you want a piece of me??? I cant believe he says that. Moreover, I cannot believe you told us that (and your mom reads this too......she will probably have to seek counseling after reading this post)

  • 2nd Cup of Coffee

    Fun stuff, you brave woman.

  • PamperingBeki


    I might have to break up with you though, now that I know you dislike jewelry. ;-)

  • heidi

    Oh. My. WORD! That was HILARIOUS!!! LOL

    I'd rather have a new living room set over jewelry anyday, too.

  • Kasey Hunt

    This is so funny! Thanks for sharing a little part of your love life. You're not alone.

  • Dana-from chaos to Grace

    Found your blog through Heidi's, and OMG I'm ROLLING over here! I can SOOOOO relate! I won't horrify you with tales of a stranger's DH's "romantic" gestures...but I can just SO relate to yours! LOL LOVE it!

  • P.S. He loves you..

    I'll have to thank Heidi for linking you up ...that was so funny and almost as if your were a "fly on my own wall"...very cool that you prefer the "finer things aka.more useful" things in life..I also don't have a thing for it and coming from a mom and sister who envy all things gold/silver I get picked on!

    Still the "ck point meeting" is great! Most couple after 50 yrs of marriage will tell you the only reason they made it was "those ck point meetings!"
    Fun post!

  • heidi

    Um, did I mention I linked this post?


  • The Downtown Boutique

    I can totally relate to the "romantic vs. obvious". Hmmm...

  • Mr. Daddy

    Note to self: DO NOT USE CRAIG'S LINE.....
    thanks for visiting our blog. Rach put me onto yours and we are both laughing.....
    Thanks for adding us to your fav's

  • never you mind

    LOL and to be totally anonymous - my hubby is a little on the romantic side. It's usually ME who ends up being like, "can we get on with it now?"


  • Shelley Hendrix

    Heidi, May I just say "I love you girl"-- I can always count on a good laugh at your expense when I stop by your blog. You're the best!

    And, btw, I can totally feel your pain. Stephen's favorite line is "you wants to lay with me don't ya?" from some goof-ball movie. So romantic it brings tears to my eyes whenever he says it. (not!)