SEE? I'm NOT alone!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008 |

Ha! Ha! My best friend Lisa from Iowa just sent me this email.......She's going to KILL me for publishing it, but I am THRILLED to not be alone in this taunting game that our annoying ridiculous idiotic sweet loving adoring husbands think is sooooo funny!!!

............Jeff tries to annoy me the other way around. Wearing black socks with his tennis shoes. Completely nerdy!! Or even better, argyle socks with his white tennis shoes and his jogging/slicky pants. UGH!! We will be over to my mom's and he's sitting with his leg crossed, just like Craig in the picture, just waiting to see how long it takes me to "out him" and get ticked!! I hate to say it...but men are all alike!.............

Lisa, I feel your pain sista....I feel your pain. What can we do to embarrASS them?

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  • ShortOne

    i don't think men can be embarassed, they just don't care! they are all crazy!!!

    i got the funniest email today & i'm sending it to your email directly, i think you will like it.

  • TUTU Monkey

    Mine likes to wear his David Hasselhoff shorts while jogging on the least he has the legs......:)

  • Anonymous

    Mine wore his boxer shorts to the shops late last night for a bag of Peanut M&M's that he, I mean WE, couldn't do without. I was cringing as he drove off, praying he wouldn't see anyone we knew, or slip over!!! Embarrassed? He doesn't know the meaning of the word!

  • Mr. Daddy

    Ladies!!! Ladies!! Ladies! May heaven help me and my fellow brothers not lynch me for what I am about to divulge... BUT. lets ponder on this for a bit, It's not that we can not be embarrassed.(I'm still in need of therapy for rough treatment at the hands of the feminine gender) Nor that we don't care :o)

    Really now the flower and candy industry are doing great because of our willingness and ability to humiliate and embarrass ourselves.

    Thank God for flower power and chocolate.(and let me take a moment to thank Melody @ slurping life & Stacy @ land of K. A.) for enlightening me on the value and benefit of chocolate.

    But I digress, It's really alot like fishing!!
    Yes I said fishing. Really think about it.

    To catch the kind of fish you want you have to use the proper bait..when Craig wants to catch you, white sports sock, dress shoes, church, (bait) wait a bit,,,,,,,,set the hook and reel you in.... (also known as pushing the right button)ROFL

    So you see Ladies,,,it's a matter of finding the right bait (or button) if you prefer. and waiting;;;; then setting the hook and reeling them's really rather exhilarating once you get the hang of it.

    Go forth Ladies and fish. (remember) Bait, Wait,Set the hook and reel them in.........

    Be ye fishers of men::::and may God have mercy on my soul...

  • Rachel

    Oh.Good.Lord... my husband (Mr. Daddy) is at it again! I had no idea what insanity I was unleashing upon the masses when I showed him how to navigate my blog.
    He promised only to use it for good!

    Love your blog - we've been getting frequent chuckles and guffaws out of it :)