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Tuesday, October 7, 2008 |

Carter caught this fish a few weeks ago at the lake in our neighborhood, can you believe how big this bass is? I heard he had caught a big one, but until I saw the picture, I didn't realize HOW big! Of course Craig only had a disposable camera with him, and in typical man's fashion, thought that one picture would do the deed, but oh how I wish I had been there with MY camera to photograph this!!! I mean, that fish is almost as big as him! Craig said it took both of them in the boat to pull this sucker in. Anyways, WAY TO GO Carter!!! Oh, and that was the last picture taken before this...
...his front baby tooth GONE!!!! Oh my, I love baby teeth....and kids never look the same again after loosing the top two! I'm trying to prepare myself for the very large ones that are undoubtedly on their way in. It just seems that once the baby teeth are gone and the big teeth arrive, especially the front two, it takes years for their heads to grow into their teeth!! Oh well, you could probably care less what I thought of baby teeth huh?? Okay, moving on here...
Guess who's leading the race with the most "monsters" so far?? Yep! Little Miss Sunshine Ava Grace!!! Just can't seem to get the hang of self control. Looks like she should have been pink after all!!! Oh, and just for the record, despite their lack of trying, my family has not yet succeeded in giving me a monster. Though to be completely honest, I am on my way to drop one in for myself because I am on this crazy computer right now when I should be doing laundry. But for the most part, I am trying to be a good example and exercise self control this week.
Like yesterday morning for example. I woke up and heard Craig and the kids downstairs. Ava must have woke up early and instead of coming and crawling in bed with me like she usually does, gone downstairs with Craig and Carter. No big deal, I was sure that Craig would bring her up to me when he left with Carter. Except that he didn't. He took her with him to drop Carter off at school. Usually that wouldn't have been a problem. Except that it was. Today. Because sitting at the bottom of the staircase was Ava's car seat. Not in car. We don't have extras. I was F.U.R.I.O.U.S. I then tried to call his cell, only to hear it ringing downstairs. Now I was furiousER and went downstairs ready to POUNCE the second he came in the door.
As soon as I reached the bottom of the stairs that dang MONSTER jar was staring at me. Seriously staring. Not JUST staring, but DARING me to explode!
Now people, I have a competitive streak to me that had already kicked in on this whole self control thing, so after I finished cursing the monsters and telling them they could go back where they came from, I calmed down and waited patiently (okay SOMEWHAT patiently) for Craig and Ava.
In they came, and by the look on Craig's face when he saw me up and waiting, he KNEW he was busted! I VERY CALMLY and very MONOTONE like asked him if he had temporarily lost his mind this morning. "Calm down or you are getting a monster!" he says. Seriously?? WAS HE JOKING? ......I took a DEEP breath, and VERY monotone/stepford wife like again said "what was going through your head when you put our four year old into a car without a car seat? and at what point did you think that would be okay?" He said he didn't know the car seat had been taken out and by the time he figured it out it was too late. Which then led me to wonder what in the world he considers TOO LATE?? I mean was he driving down the road when Ava walked up to him in the car causing him to think...hhmmmmm, somethings not right here.? Seriously people, what about when he put her IN the car?? Did he not notice that he wasn't strapping her into anything? PA-LEASE!!
I really wanted to go "monster" on him, but instead I STARED at him (oh, you know "the stare" I'm talking about...) and walked upstairs.
When I came back down after he had gone to work I noticed the monster jar with a PINK monster in it. Then I noticed that he had written on the jar also. "Calling Names". Okay first of all I never called him anything, not even any of his usuals. A self controlled stepford wife would NEVER do that, oh no. And second, considering what he had done, the fact that I didn't bang the car seat over his head when he got home was COMPLETELY exercising MUCH self control on my part.
I did the only sensible and right thing to do. I got out the "goo be gone" and SCRUBBED OFF those NON TRUE words on the jar, and matter of factly REMOVED the pink monster. I then called him and told him what I had done. He told me that he would "get me" before the end of the day!!! (who did he think he was? The wicked witch of the south?)SEE????? He's losing all kinds of control just trying to get me to!
Ummmmm, let's just say that the next time he decided to "call me out" was even more ridiculous than this one......I was half asleep in bed last night and he wouldn't stop talking or "bugging" me. I kept ignoring him trying sooooo hard not to slap him, and then he gave up with a "That's it, you're getting a monster"...........Oh, okay, let me see you explain THAT one in our family meeting on Friday.
Obviously the monster/self control experiment is a huge hit here at the Z house, I just wonder where I'll be set up next.....my family is out to get me! In all fairness though, I AM putting one in right now because I should NOT be on the computer, I am DEFINITELY not exercising self control right now.

If you would like to see the video about the experiment we are doing, you can go here.
And if you remember a few weeks back when I mentioned BonJovi and church in the same sentence (shock! gasp!the horror!), and said that we had laughed hysterically at something that had gone on in church, you can go here to see what I was talking about.

Okay, that's it for today! I hope you are having BEAUTIFUL fall weather and enjoying every minute of it!!

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  • Jeannette

    You are too funny, I love to read your blog. Don't give in, you can do it!!! When are we going to get together again? Miss ya!!!

  • Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family)

    I know what you mean about the tooth thing. So funny!

    I can't believe Craig took Ava in the car without a car seat! I would have been furious and I would not have been able to control myself! Good job of keeping your "monster" in check!

  • BethAnne

    DO NOT LET HIM WIN!!! Keep those monsters outta that jar, girl! Do for all your married blogging sisters. Hold you tongue, keep your temper in check, be sweet, become the poster child for the Proverbs 31 woman!!!! (is this pep talk working yet??? - you realize I would have already filled the jar with monsters if I were you, right?)

  • Ivette Falcon

    Ummm....that monster thing sounds way too stressful!!

  • Anonymous

    Just wait 'til Carter loses his 2nd top tooth! My 7 year old is walking around looking so different these days, just because he's missing his top two. And his are slow growing. Lucky he's a handsome little guy!!! hehe. YOUR little guy is such a cutee, and that photo with his fish is a beauty. I think his Daddy is wonderful getting the shot that he did. I had to BEG my Husband to take a photo of Eli when he played footy at our big city stadium... Give him a "good on ya mate" slap on the back from me... I'm sure he'll love it!!!

  • Lindsay-ann

    Wow, that is one enormous fish. Great picture. Well done Carter.
    How are the monsters doing? Are there any left or are they all in the jar now? I am enjoying hearing about your self control experiment and interested to find out how it ends up.

  • alliekat

    I would have probably just gone ahead and put the monster in the jar before he got home so I could have let him have it right away. It sounds like you used self-control considering the situation. I think you should get a bag of angels to drop in when you are exercising self-control!