Personal assistants for the mentally disabled??...(ME)

Sunday, March 2, 2008 |

OK, I am wondering if Craig will agree to a personal assistant for me since I can't seem to get my act together?? I mean I'm thinking that surely insurance would cover something like that since I am obviously mentally challenged!!??? (I will report what my insurance says on the subject (word for word) when I call....)........Anyways, on Thursday I had four different places that I was supposed to be at, all at the same time.......... I have one of those calendar things in my purse, and I actually do write in it sometimes......but, I guess the trick is to actually CHECK it once in a while!!! OYE!

Oh well, of course I did the only thing I could do and kept my "last Thursday of the month" volunteering position at Carter's school! (thrown to the wayside were 2 pesky Dr. appointments (one of which they were going to draw blood and just make me dizzier than I already am on a regular basis!) , a volunteering work day at the church, and oh yeah a lunch invitation.....)

Carter loves it when this day comes around. I go and have lunch with him, read to the class, and then do whatever his teacher needs me to do for the rest of the afternoon. ( I will report that the first day I volunteered, I made a HUGE mistake that cost me six hours of extra work that I took home to do that weekend...HA! Only I could manage to do something like that......Carter's teacher Mrs. Harris laughs about it still, and has not let me live it down! Let's just say that when I come in now, I am pretty sure I get different more specific directions than the other volunteers.........But, the upside to that disaster is that Mrs. Harris says that I provide her comic relief every month when I come in to there ya go! I'm just givin' back to the community!!!!!) Ava causes quite a distraction of her own......all the little girls in Carter's class adore her, and they all clamour around to try and "mother" her! Ha! It is soo funny!

Speaking of Ava, she is getting more and more independent as the days go by ( i have NO idea where she gets that from!?:-)......that morning she just had to dress herself, and would not let me help her put her tights on............SO, the result was just too funny to not take a picture..(hence the picture on the top) She kept them like that until she was tired of waddling like a duck, then put her pride down and asked me for some help..................

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