Totally LOST!!......Totally!

Thursday, March 20, 2008 |

(What exactly does S.O.S. stand for anyways? I know it's some sort of help call,....but whatever!) Anyways, I am 100%.................

What in the world are they going to think of next? I am so rattled after tonight's episode! I practically have to save up ALL my brainwaves for the ENTIRE week just to watch one episode!
The problem is that I have watched every episode since it started 4 years ago, so there's no way I can quit now.
Anyways, I can't believe Sayid ratted out Michael! Nor can I believe that I am actually starting to think that Ben is a .........good guy??? Yikes!
Well, my brainwaves are trembling from so much activity in one hour, so I am going to give them a much needed break and drift off into dreamland...........I just hope I don't dream about getting shot in a jungle! Nighty night!.........(oh, and any insight on the show would be MUCH appreciated!.....I would particularly be interested in what my good ole' buddy and pal "Phil Herrick" thinks of the current turn of events!)

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