What's Friday movie night without a little kung fu?

Saturday, March 29, 2008 |

On the way.......
Highly anticipating the movie for the night!
Aaahhhh.....nothin' like a little kung fu chuey!

Of COURSE we did not escape without injury.......as if!!

Their protective huts out in the wild wild yonder........
Inside the hut..
Ava takes shelter in the smaller hut!

Last night we went to the Dover's for a little kung fu fighting and movie night! After seeing the boys with their "swords", Robin and I decided that we must seriously be OUT OF OUR MINDS to be taking these animals on a road trip this summer!!.....Don't worry aunt Teresa, they can sleep in the garage.......we have NO problem with that! Nor do we have a problem with tossing scraps of food out to them for them to fight over and devour! With any luck, the damages will be minimal........

The movie of choice tonight was Enchanted.......and I must say that it is one of my favorite movies!......We have been waiting for this one to come out ever since we saw it in the theatre way back at Thanksgiving!! Awesome!


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