Drop your stones!

Sunday, March 2, 2008 |

Pete brought a FANTASTIC message this morning about "dropping our stones". Basically he was saying that we all need to stop throwing stones at everyone that we have a problem with or don't agree with. (goes along with the "don't point out another persons spec in his eye, when you yourself have a plank in yours")
Quit being judgemental and "religious" because that is the LAST thing that Jesus is.
Anyways, I've been thinking about it all day, and like most people I would think, I am guilty as charged. It's so easy to get our pannies in a knot just because we don't get our way, and then start blaming everyone else.....Pointing out their faults and justifying our negativity towards them...
As Pete gently pointed out........let's let GOD be the judge, and let's just love people the way that they are, the way that they come, the way we are supposed to!
I mean let's face it and get real......for every stone I throw at someone for whatever reason, someone else could throw the same stone at me for the same reason I'm sure!
There I said it.......The stones have to be dropped!.......So drop your stones!!

Just a little Sunday sound off...................................Zawisza out!
Oh, and ps.....you can listen to the whole message on podcast (i think).....at www.viningslake.org

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