I wonder what their Sunday school lesson was about??

Monday, March 24, 2008 |

Ok, a friend just sent these pics to me, and I couldn't resist posting......Leave it to these three to be ..........."creative"! ha!ha!ha! Too funny! I guess the bff's have just added "experienced BUCKET HEADS" to their resume!

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  • Jenn

    Hey, We DID have a lesson ya know. We just don't always do things the 'conventional' way. It's all good. That's how we roll in the basement of VL. We are teachin' them....I think?! LOL!

  • Brandi McCallum

    the lesson was about...well it might be a bit complicated for the mind of adults ... :-)

  • Sandi Hixson

    OMW!!!!Here I am at 4:53 in the morning because I can't sleep and think...why don't I check Heidi's VERY entertaining blog...and it did not disappoint! Those bucket head girls are too funny! So I am here in the office, laughing...(almost hysterically, but not quite) and now I have lost all traces of "sleepiness"! ....this is going to be a long day...

  • Jenny B

    WOW! I can't wait until I have kids to put into the VL preschool so they can learn all sorts of wonderful things about God or um how to put buckets on their heads!!! LOVE IT:)

  • Jenny B

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