Carter's Easter egg hunt at school!

Thursday, March 20, 2008 |

Poor Carter....Ava thinks she has to "monitor" his every move!
Not such a pleasant moment when Ava started snatching eggs!
The party was not intended for YOU Ava!
Good thing they love eachother so much!
Today was Carter's egg hunt/party at his school, and Ava and I went to join in the fun.
Ava always finds a way to insert herslf into the activities, but Carter really does love her, and he loves having her come to his parties with him. One time I got someone else to watch Ava so that I could just go to his party by myself, and he was really upset that she didn't come! Go figure!
Anyways, Carter is such a good boy and an awesome big brother!!
(I can only HOPE and PRAY that Ava returns the love! ha!ha!ha!)
We had a good time today, and look forward to more Easter activities this weekend!

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  • Brandi McCallum

    Bree`na's hunt is tomorrow... and she would love to have Ava come join her :-)... You know what I find most amazing about all your post -- my sweet little Ava is never like this in class :-) --- hmmm maybe that's a good thing :-)... I do love her much ya guys