Our fun Saturday!

Sunday, March 9, 2008 |

I guess Ava and Drew were having some sort of ridiculous face contest!

Movie time!!

Saturday we had a lazy morning and tried to let Craig sleep in. That's never easy as the kids LOVE to wrestle and watch cartoons on Saturday mornings with their daddy. He usually never gets to sleep in. BUT, I kept threatning the kids with cancelling the plans for the day if they didn't quit "trying on purpose" to "accidentally" wake him up. ( how much of an accident is it if you open the bedroom door (where Craig was), throw a toy in, and then say you need to go find it, jumping five times on the bed before parachuting off hitting the floor with a thud and retrieving the toy that you supposedly can't live without?????) Well, that's Carter for you....always trying to work every angle! He MUST have gotten that from Craig!:-)
So, finally giving up, Craig got up, and we started our day.
Craig and Jeff had to go pick something up for Robin, and Robin and I took the kids to their club for a work out and some swim time.
After spending the afternoon there, the guys joined us and we met Josh and Hannah for a quick dinner at Sweet Tomatoes!
Then off to the movies we went!! We saw College Road Trip. It was cute.

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