cutie patooties!

Friday, March 7, 2008 |

Today Melissa was taking care of her nephew Nathan, and Nathan is obsessed with Ava, so Ava's presence was requested at McDonalds for a play date........(somehow i didn't get a pic of Nathan...) Nathan, Macauly,and Ava played very well together, and I was able to hold baby Alli (Nathan's baby sister) the whole time, getting my "baby fix"!!!.............(that or making me want another one!:-).....................

After getting Carter from school and a trip to the gym, the kids and I came home for what I thought was going to be a quiet night since Craig wasn't here.
WELL, leave it to my children to decide to have a dance off. We were blaring 80's dance tunes through the house, the kids dressed up in quite hilarious costumes, and they were shakin' it like there was no tomorrow!! I was laughing so hard (ok, ok, AND participating), that I actually forgot to take pics of the event!! ...............(i know i know that's a dirty word in my book!!)

When the sheer madness subsided......we did another family fav and popped popcorn, turned out ALL the lights, and settled in for a movie...........Highschool Musical was the choice tonight. Because I'm such a cheeseball myself, I actually thought the movie was cute! Carter owns it and has seen it a thousand times, but this was my first time to actually sit through the whole thing!

Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!!..........I'm sure the Zawisza's will find some sort of chaos to get themselves involved in!! We will see!

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