Thunder, tornados, and hail!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008 |

Yesterday we had very scary weather.....the day started with some hard thunderstorms, and then the entire sky turned pure green!....The tornado sirens were going off nonstop, so we turned on the tv. The newscasters were asking everyone in our area to seek shelter. We were getting ready to go to our closet under the stairs, when the newscasters announced that our area was considered safe again. (apparently it takes a while for us to follow instructions.....good thing our roof didn't blow off while we were "getting ready" to seek shelter......the Zawisza household might need a few family drills on SAVING OUR LIVES!!!!)
Anyways, the winds and skies started to return to normal, and then the golf balls started hitting our house!! HARD!..and this time I am not exaggerating! The hail was seriously as big as golf balls! I'm thinking we are probably going to need a new roof!
Unfortunately there were many fatalities yesterday as the tornado touched down several times in several different counties.
Thank you Lord for your protection over our family, and I pray for comfort for the family members of those who lost their lives!

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