Fun Friday!

Friday, May 16, 2008 |

Josh is OF COURSE the cause of the belly laughing going on here...........

Here we are in Walmart at 11:00 pm.! ha! Ava was trying to talk her daddy into a new bike......she didn't succeed THIS TIME due to the fact that Craig WAS NOT happy about being in Walmart at this time of the night, let alone shopping for a new bike!.....Whatever!

They still give stickers out at 11:00!! He even gave me one!.......I LOVE WALMART!......(not really, but they are open 24 hours........Now if TARGET would just adapt that policy........)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.....I love Friday movie nights! We look forward to them all week! It's especially fun when a movie we have been waiting for finally comes out, and we go to opening night. Tonight that movie was Narnia 2. I love the C.S. Lewis Narnia books and movies, they are GREAT! I must say that this one had a little more violence than the last one, so I was a bit worried about Ava. But, my fears were subsided when she yelled all the way down the row asking me when we could buy the movie!! (I don't think the people behind us were too entertained with Ava's "disturbance"....oh well!) The end verdict is Great movie! A must see!

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