Sunday, May 4, 2008 |

Thursday night we met the Dovers for dinner, and Robin and I talked the boys into letting us do a little shopping afterwards while they took the kids back to the house.
When we returned and opened the garage door, we immediately heard Ava screaming and crying hysterically, so we both ran into the house to see what had happened. Ava was alright, but it appeared as if the "men" were nowhere to be found........This is when I started to get mad, I mean little Ava is crying and screaming her eyes out and they can't even hear her?..........So Robin and I head for the stairs to undoubtedly find them upstairs in the movie room watching sports, and just as we pass the family room.......the picture above is what we find!!!
Oh, and btw.......those couches are about ten feet away from where we found Ava crying!?:-(

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