A tale of flip flops

Tuesday, May 27, 2008 |

Ok, on Mother's Day my entire family came over to my house to grill and hang out. Well, of course that includes my brother Pete ......................and his flip flops. Intrigued yet??
Fast forward to the Tuesday after Mother's Day. Hollie leaves a message on my cell phone that they are looking for Pete's flip flops and wanted to know if he had left them at our house. I called her back on my way home and told her that I didn't think that I had seen them, but would check when I got home. I got home and they were NOWHERE to be seen. I actually didn't think that he could have possibly left them at my house and driven ALL the way home......without shoes?
(in his defense though, he had been on a boat the entire day before WITHOUT sunscreen, and was VERY sunburned........I think he was starting to hallucinate as the day wore on, and I guess wearing shoes was the LAST thing on his mind!!ha!ha!)
Back to the story. Hollie proceeds to tell me on SEVERAL different occasions during the week that the disappearing flip flops had become a huge Hixson mystery, and EVERYONE in their household had been searching for them. High and low. Low and high.Sideways and backwards.......and well, you get the jist. How weird?? Where were they?
Alas, after much deliberation, Hollie had resigned to buy him a new pair, thus leaving the mystery unsolved. So off to the store she went to get a brand new pair of rainbows (the brand).
Story over right?.............WRONG! Fast forward again to this past Saturday night. I am showing our friends Chuck and Stephanie our house since they had never been in it before, and I casually walk into my front room. As I turn to leave, my eye catches something sitting on the shelf..............UH HUH........You guessed it! Look below!

Immediatly I was like CRAIG, are these PETE'S shoes??????????? (anyone who knows and LOVES my SWEET, WONDERFUL, TOTALLY OBNOXIOUS husband, knows that his signature move is to hide things from people......causing people to practically go mad when they get ready to leave and can't find their shoes.......keys.......phones.......purse(sorry Melissa)......all the while Craig doesn't skip a beat with whatever he is doing, and acts like he has NO IDEA what's going on) Craig came into the room and was like "oh, those are still here?" WHAT???? DO YOU KNOW THAT PETE AND HOLLIE HAVE TURNED THEIR HOUSE UPSIDE DOWN LOOKING FOR THESE?? HOLLIE HAD TO BUY HIM A NEW PAIR!! His reply?......."hmmm, I didn't put them there........Josh did..................but I knew about it."
Sorry Pete! Just send the bill to Craig........and feel free to add as many punative damages as you feel needed. (pain and suffering, anguish, loss of sleep, anxiety attacks,extreme fear, uncontrollable crying,.....etc....etc.....) Whatever you need, CRAIG will take care of !! SOMEBODY needs to hold him accountable for his "pranks"! Oh, and about Josh putting them there? Well, WHERE DO YOU THINK HE LEARNED IT FROM?.......

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  • Angie (Angelica Grace Designs)

    Hysterical! That sounds like something my husband would do. Love it!
    Blessings, Angie Seaman

  • Hollie

    Oh goodness! I'm just glad the mystery was solved!! Everyday he would be like....things just don't disappear. This was even after I bought the new ones!! Anyways...just remember, keep things with you when you are in Craig and Josh's presence if you want to go home with them!! Those boys..too funny.

  • Beth

    Now you have a hint why the words "empty nest" are so sweet to my ears...as to where Josh learned to do these things, that goes back a LONG, LONG time...(I have stories, but I can't share them--I'm afraid of paybacks!)

    I'm afraid Craig and Josh are long lost evil twins. Both are great guys on their own, but put them together and you have gasoline and fire!

  • Josh

    I learned it all from my mom, I swear.

  • Anonymous

    GROSS!! Those shoes are filthy. He needed some new shoes. You know God works in mysterious ways for a reason.