Terrible tragedy

Thursday, May 29, 2008 |

This morning my best friend from Iowa sent me this email. Yesterday she had told me about a tornado that had gone through Waterloo Iowa over the weekend, destroying EVERYTHING in sight. Here was the email this morning...............

It was so bad that they said over 350 homes were completely destroyed and the only things standing in those areas are about 6 foot high or less. Even though people went to the basement, they said those that died were just sucked right out of the house. There was an interview with 2 women who were at one of the ladies' homes. The one woman had three little girls 6, 5 and 3. They were huddled in the basement and could feel themselves getting sucked out of the house and all of a sudden they dropped to the floor and everything was still. They thought the tornado was over. However, when they looked upwards, they saw that the top of the house was gone and they were in the eye of the storm. They could see things whirling around and everything in the eye was green...probably from all of the trees and grass that were sucked into the tornado. All of a sudden the eye was passing and the back side of the tornado was passing them and they began to get sucked up again. The mom put the 3 year old under her shirt and laid on top of her. The other woman had the older girl and was holding on to her. The mom had the 5 year old by the arms, but her legs were going up in the air. Just as the 5 year old was being sucked up into the sky, a piece of PVC pipe fell out of the sky onto the mom's back. She reached around, grabbed the pipe and used it to pull the girl's legs down to the ground. She was able to hold onto her until the tornado passed. What a nightmare, but by the grace of God, that girl is safe today.

Once again I am heavy hearted for the broken this morning. Please pray for the people of Waterloo, and especially for those that lost family members. Between this tragedy this week and SCC's daughter last week, I feel heavily burdened to be on my knees in prayer over my family and our country.

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