Remember the slip and slide?

Friday, May 23, 2008 |

Carter and Caitlyn
Meet cute is she?

Carter and Ava chillaxin' in the hammock!

The kids had fun this afternoon with our neighbors and their slip and slide...............That is until the first lightening bolt struck AND ALL PANDEMONIUM BROKE OUT!! My children are PETRIFIED of storms. I don't really know why they are though, I mean it's not like I get scared or anything. Just because ONE time (or maybe more than once....I'm just not at liberty to recall right this second:-) I started screaming like a bangee when the weatherman said we MIGHT get a tornado and we MIGHT have to take cover...........I of course being the responsible (with just a PINCH of drama ....) mom that I am, made the WHOLE family get in the closet IMMEDIATELY!! Craig didn't know what hit him when I ran into the room where he was resting, screaming for him to TAKE COVER.......WE MIGHT DIE..........GET THE DOG...........!!!!!! I mean seriously, what was I supposed to do? Death was knocking on my door! Was I supposed to just sit there and WATCH the weatherman on tv????????
That actually might not have been such a bad idea........considering that come to find out the "maybe" warning wasn't even for our county!!........oopsie daisy call me crazy..............
I still don't think that is ANY reason for my children to be afraid of storms though..........hhmmmpphhh!
....................I mean, can't they just see the FUNNY part of that SMALL dramatic moment????? Can't they just laugh at the way their daddy woke up thinking we were being held hostage or something? Can't they just pretend we were camping in the closet as a family?? And leave it at that?? Most kids would LOVE a camp out in a dark closet for thirty minutes!! What is wrong with my children? I think my screaming and chanting should have been SECONDARY to THEM GETTING TO HAVE A COOL FAMILY CAMP OUT!!!!!!
Oh well, I only hope that one day we will be able to watch a raindrop or two come down without my children going into hysterics................

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  • Angie (Angelica Grace Designs)

    Oh the memories of my slip and slide in my Dad's backyard as a young girl. Too funny. Thanks for sharing those photos and making me smile today. Also, thanks for the compliment on my pictures. And yes, go to IOWA & do some farm shots. That will be awesome. Brent's grandparents live on a farm about 45 minutes from us and he keep saying that I need to take the kids out there for a photo shoot up and in all the old barns with the straw and the open fields, etc. You'd have a blast doing that kind of shoot on your trip. If you do, let me know. I'd love to view the shots. Have a great weekend. Blessings,
    Angie Seaman

  • Anonymous

    I MUST know...where do you shop for Ava? I LOVE her outfits and would love to shop for my little girl.