Fun memories......

Sunday, May 18, 2008 |

When I was in high school I had this obsession with juice boxes. The only problem with that was that my mom didn't keep them in the house. (why? I can't remember) But, my SECOND home (the Patterson abode) had a FREEZER packed with them, and every time I would go to their house I would head straight to the freezer to get one! I used to cut open the box and eat it like a slush.
Ok, fast forward to the present. Due to the fact that my children aren't allowed to have much sugar, and really only drink milk and water (aahhh! gasp@#!!, BOO to me, I KNOW !I KNOW!...I've heard it ALL before! TRUST me they get PLENTY of treats, and Friday's are kind of a free day..... SO CALM DOWN!! ha!ha!), I don't keep juice boxes in the house either!
So the other day after Carter's game, they gave out juice boxes. Being the TERRIBLY mean and UNFAIR mom that I am, I confiscated them and for some reason instead of putting them straight in the garbage, I put them in the freezer. So tonight Ava and I were home alone, and I opened one and we ate it together. She of course thought it was the greatest thing (just like I did when I was younger:)!
Memories................ they're fun to recreate...........especially with your children

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  • Stacie

    Oh...the juice box memories!! Thanks for reminding me of the "good ole days". I never knew the juice boxes in freezer meant that much to you!!! :) You are TOO funny. Glad you and Ava had a good bonding juice box moment.