Friday baseball, bbq, and of course.....MOVIE!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008 |

Friday we had a baseball game ...which we won!! Yeah! Then we had our friends the Wrights and our parents over for a grill out! Jennifer taught my mom and Craig's mom how to pose for pictures, and the kids had a fun time "fighting" with each other! ha! Good times!

So after the "old folks" left (ha! jk mom!), we decided to watch a movie that Craig had bought off of pay per view a few days earlier. We put the kids in the playroom with a movie of their own.
Ok, I have now officially ENDED my streak of good movies. I can't even remember the name of this one, as I deleted it immediately after the movie was over!...Something about ...old countries.......oh, I can't remember, but it won several awards and Tommy Lee Jones was in it, so I thought it would be great!...........WRONG!
The main character in the movie was so freaky, I am still afraid to close my eyes......I might need therapy to get his face out of my mind! Freddy and Chuckie have NOTHING on this dude!............
Not to mention that the stupid movie taught Craig yet ANOTHER "off color" phrase (as if he needs anymore...), that he couldn't stop repeating every chance he got! (sorry Jenn and Joe!.....of course if JENNIFER wouldn't have laughed EVERY time Craig said it.......maybe he wouldn't STILL be saying it!!, Thanks A LOT Jenn!)

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