Round two goes to AVA!

Monday, May 19, 2008 |

So Ava lost round one on Friday night when she tried to convince her daddy that she needed a new bike.................must have been due to the time of the night she asked him Friday, because he TOTALLY caved right away this afternoon when she started in again! WIMP! I would have lasted AT LEAST till round three or so.............hmmmm.......
Anyways, here's the little princess enjoying her new bike with her friend Kayla.

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  • Susta

    Hi Heidi! Lynn Corliss here - Jeannette Cook's mom from New Orleans. What a great BLOG! I loved seeing you guys and your kids - they are growing up so fast. The beach pictures were awesome - magazine material - hat's off to the photographer. Talent runs in the family. God bless and have a wonderful summer - I know you will! Lynn

  • Katie

    I love that outfit! She is seriously going to wear it out before summer gets going strong!!!

  • Ivette Falcon

    That first pic of Ava on her bike is priceless! You should frame that one, it's a beauty. :)