Happy Birthday Hopie! We love you!

Saturday, May 10, 2008 |

The birthday girl waiting patiently to open her presents!
Yep, he did it again!! Pete was the clown for the party.He SURE does LOVE his girls! At least this costume didn't involve tights!!

How can you have a carnival themed party without a CARNIVAL RIDE???? DUH!

Crazy cousins!!
Sweet Hopie!

Well, at least ADDIE thinks he's funny!

Pap Pap loves his girls!

Totally ROCKIN' in my carnival hat!!

Josh and Craig acting like idiots! (GAY idiots!)

It wouldn't be a carnival without FIREWORKS!!!
BRUESTERS ice cream AFTER a birthday party?? What was their mother thinking??
We had a BLAST at Hope's 7th birthday party. Carnival themed, the party lacked NOTHING!
Snow cones, candy, cake, pizza, carnival ride, clowns, tricks, fireworks.....you name it, SHE had it!
I can't believe little Hopie is seven! We sure do love you Hope! Happy Birthday sweetie!

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