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Sunday, November 2, 2008 |

I'm back! I can't believe how crazy my life got at the end of this week. Carter was sick and this was just NOT a good week for that to happen. I wish he would have checked with MY schedule first before throwing a huge wrench in MY plans!! I felt so sorry for him I could barely stand it. He was pitiful. He had stayed home from school on Wednesday and on Thursday when he still wasn't feeling any better, Craig (yes Craig....remember I had PLANS....a.k.a other child had party at her school that I had to attend) took him to the doctor and found out he had a sinus infection. Contagious? NO! Back to school he went. That day. Back to MY plans!! Hee hee...JK!!!! (well, not about the school thing, he definitely went back, and not really about the plans thing, because I definitely resumed those, so maybe I wasn't kidding after all......)

So every year we have a tradition at Halloween to have neighbors and a few friends over for dinner and we all go trick or treating together. This tradition started with our best friends the Dover's when Carter and Ethan were babies. We used to do it at their house but then they moved to a neighborhood with only seven houses, and we figured that Craig and Jeff the kids would be slightly disappointed with their bags of candy at the end of the night if they could only visit seven houses! So now Craig and I host the event every year. Well, this year I guess the WORD got out, and to my horror delight, we counted over sixty people in my house for dinner Friday night. There were people there that I had no idea who they were!! Now I love to throw a good party, and most people in my neighborhood have figured that out by now, but I will have to say that most of the time I at least KNOW the people that are at my house! That being said, the night was a BLAST and the children brought home an UNGODLY amount of candy that I have been eating for breakfast lunch and dinner since Friday that will be sent to Craig's work on Thursday after the "novelty" of it all has worn off, thus returning to our strict NO SUGAR rule in our home. (I know I know....I'm sooooo mean!) Our last guests left a little after midnight, and I was left with with an UNBELIEVABLY TRASHED house that took me five hours the next day to clean! There were candy wrappers in places that even I don't go............Next year I might have to hire security!! ha!ha!

Now on to the bad very disappointing news......I got NO pictures!! NONE! Well, at least compared to my normal standard of at least 100 per pose. I literally took a couple of pictures when they first put on their costumes, and then the mobs of people sweet neighbors started showing up, and I had to turn into the hostess with the mostess, forgetting completely about taking pictures!! So this is basically all I have!

Star Wars was the going theme for Carter, Ethan, and Drew but they couldn't talk Ava into joining the force, so she decided on a punk pirate costume.
May the force be with you!!
Now let's move on to yesterday. November 1st. Craig's birthday. We went with the family to Craig's favorite BBQ restaurant Dreamland. I absolutely HATE the place because it's a "man's" place with a yucky atmosphere and in my opinion, yucky food (but I don't like BBQ, so I can't judge whether it is good or not). Unfortunately for Craig he can never convince me to go there with him, and so he only gets to have it at lunch when he is on that side of town. BOO me I know. BUT, on HIS birthday I made the exception! Very humble of me I think......(It really wasn't that bad.....)
So here he is in front of his cake that the kids decorated for him BEFORE he knew I was taking pictures....
....and here he is AFTER he realized I was taking his picture trying to be seductive thinking he was funny......... .......and here he is just being himself......a complete nerd. BUT, I love my little nerd TONS!! Happy Birthday Craigo!
This is where the two little cousins decided to celebrate the occasion....UNDER the table. On the gross nasty floor. Reading the newspaper to each other. CUTE. But DISGUSTING.

Just a side note here..... I found out last night that HIPPO therapy actually has nothing to do with Hippos!! (not that I ever thought otherwise....oh no, not me!.......:) It is HORSE therapy! (And people WONDER why I walk around in a constant state of confusion........why in the name of ALL things good would you call horse therapy HIPPO therapy???)

Okay, last but certainly not least, I received a comment from a MAN with his point of view on the whole "white sock dress shoe" post that I posted last week. I thought it was funny and therefore I am posting it......I wonder if there is really any truth to this????
Ladies!!! Ladies!! Ladies! May heaven help me and my fellow brothers not lynch me for what I am about to divulge... BUT. lets ponder on this for a bit, It's not that we can not be embarrassed.(I'm still in need of therapy for rough treatment at the hands of the feminine gender) Nor that we don't care :o) Really now the flower and candy industry are doing great because of our willingness and ability to humiliate and embarrass ourselves. Thank God for flower power and chocolate.(and let me take a moment to thank Melody @ slurping life & Stacy @ land of K. A.) for enlightening me on the value and benefit of chocolate. But I digress, It's really a lot like fishing!!Yes I said fishing. Really think about it.To catch the kind of fish you want, you have to use the proper bait..when Craig wants to catch you, white sports sock, dress shoes, church, (bait) wait a bit,,,,,,,,set the hook and reel you in.... (also known as pushing the right button)ROFL So you see Ladies,,,it's a matter of finding the right bait (or button) if you prefer. and waiting;;;; then setting the hook and reeling them's really rather exhilarating once you get the hang of it. Go forth Ladies and fish. (remember) Bait, Wait,Set the hook and reel them in.........Be ye fishers of men::::and may God have mercy on my soul...

Hmmmmm..........I'm thinking Craig could "CATCH" me with a trip to the Bahamas.........or a new vacuum......... but WHITE socks and DRESS shoes?? NAH!! He's Taunting.

Oh and just one more thing. I promise! Speaking of Craig, he did this again last night. Only this time there wasn't any toilet paper on the roll, and he kept spinning the thing around and around and around, until I was confident that he would have sat there all night spinning. I had to yell out his name about five times before he got OFF the toilet and returned to the bed. Still sleeping. I love my life.

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  • Rachel

    Mr. Daddy's wife speaking here (yes, the MAN who left that lovely "fishing" comment)...

    The only thing I can think of to say for my husband is HUH? Hon, with that kind of bait, what are you hoping to catch? A crappie?

    I love you dearly Mr. Daddy, but you must tread lightly in this realm, else Heidi finds some humor in some of my commiserating stories! :)

  • Jennifer

    Ok girlie, somehow I missed the invite? LOL I bet your house was ROCKIN! We ended up only going to about 10 houses and then headed out to a little party. The kids had fun on the hayride and we ate some shredded pork sandwiches. It was pretty fun.......except for the two totally drunk guys, but that's another story. ROFL

    Have a great week. Glad Carter is feeling better.

    BTW, don't forget to post some pics of your kitchen. I'm in the mood for a redo of decorating stuff. LOL

  • Lindsay-ann

    Hi Heidi
    Just enjoyed catching up with your blog. we have been away for a few days.
    You sound to have had a wild halloween! I love the kids outfits. Ava looks so cute as a punk pirate. Sadly we were away for halloween. We were imagining all the kids round here trick or treating and no one answering our door. My crazy husband usually dresses up and scares them half to death when he answers the door!Luckily none of them had tricked us becuase we were not answering this year!
    Your husband birthday cake looks deliciously, gooeyly gorgeous.

  • Anonymous

    Keeping us all well-entertained with your ramblings, as usual Heidi. I'm so glad you ended with Craig's loo antic!!! I'm wheezy from a good laugh at his expense again... Happy Birthday to him!

  • P.S. He loves you..

    I really shouldn't be laughing at this ...but alas it is too stinky funny!

  • Hollie

    The kids look so cute!! I'm glad you survived Dreamland BBQ. The cake was yummy!

  • Sandi Hixson

    very cute fam pic!!!.....i need an updated pic of you guys!!! you know, you are rather "stingy" when it comes to giving out family pics!

  • He And Me + 3

    5 hours of cleaning....ugh! Thus the reason I go to parties instead of host, and the fact that I am just a bad hostess. LOL Love the pictures though they were great!

  • PamperingBeki

    Wait, was that YOUR halloween or mine that you described?

    Class parties, sick kid, craziness, stupid amounts of candy, chaotic house... Yup!!

  • David, Tammy, Megan and Hobbes

    Love the kid's costumes and it sounds like they had a good Halloween.

    And Happy belated Birthday Craig! And I would make Heidi take you out for BBQ once a week for two months for dragging you to all those chick flicks... I'm just sayin'.

  • Susie

    I have to tell you a funny, I wake up and realize that they are putting new gas lines on my street and they are totally going back and forth in front of MY house with this big yellow digging thing...I then realize MY car is also parked in front of my, I throw on some clothes and run out while the really good looking...I mean town workers are on break and yell yoohoo, I am sooo sorry, I slept late, I didn't realize, I'll move it out of the way...mind you, they are all laughing...probably the ridiculous outfit I grabbed and uncombed, I jump in the car and throw it in reverse thinking I'll back up out of their way and stick the car in my driveway...where Scotty Dog forbids to park because of the acorns leaving cute little dings as they hit the roof and hood...anyway, I want to get it out of the way quick so I floor it...well, COFFEE goes flying everywhere and the guys are running at me with arms in the air...I am smiling at them, then give them a puzzled look, then my back up alarm goes off and (love the back up alarm)I slam on my brakes...One brave guy comes up to the window and says..."Lady, did you not see we were digging a huge hole there?"...I mean I did say I saw the big yellow digging thing right? Well, I missed falling in the hole by inches...and all I thought of was, "this is so something Heidi would do"...oh, and don't tell Scotty Dog!

    Hugs my dear...

    my word verification was myorm...I thought it was calling me a moron for a second! LOL

  • Cindy

    Your halloween pics are great. I can't believe you had an impromtu party of 60- yikes! Sounds like it ended up being fun, though!

  • ShortOne

    love that family picture - it is too cute. but that seductive picture - too funny!

    i can't imagine that many people in my house - you are superwoman!

    BTW - just in case I can't make it back in time - Hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON WEDNESDAY!

  • Cheffie-Mom

    The pictures are too cute! I'm sorry - I had to laugh about the toilet paper roll! LOL! Sounds like something my husband would do. (: