Painting Project/Prayer Request

Thursday, November 13, 2008 |

So it has taken a week for me to post my painting project, but here it is. Last Thursday I decided to paint the kids playroom but unfortunately like an idiot, I forgot to take before pictures. So there really isn't going to be that WOW factor!! Ha! Sorry!
The "gone bad" part that I wrote about last Friday really isn't too horrible just frustrating.
On Thursday I didn't get started painting soon enough to finish it that day, and because the lighting in there is awful, when the natural light disappeared, I had to quit. I didn't know what to do with my roller to save it for the next day, so I tried to wash it, and then I thought I remembered someone telling me to wrap it in plastic. I did that, but looking back, I'm pretty sure I wasn't supposed to "wash" it first.
When I went to paint the next day, the roller was so wet, and I had paint literally dripping down the walls on to the floor.........NOT GOOD. After I cleaned up the mess, I called my handy dandy neighbor, and he had an extra roller for me. I finished that day without any other major catastrophes! (BUT, let's just say that A.D.D. and painting do NOT go hand in hand........I seriously considered quitting halfway through without "cutting in" the edges, and then saying that since it was a playroom, I had let the kids do it!! ha!ha!)
Alas, it is finished, and I really don't want to paint anything else for a while........

These are totally cool art display canvases that my amazing sister made for the kids last Christmas, and I was finally able to hang them! They look awesome in there, and the kids LOVE to change out their artwork!

Above the black arts and crafts table, I plan on making them one of my custom made bulletin boards for them to display more of their stuff!!

Look at that adorable horse pillow case!!! My very sweet friend Jayne sent that to Ava because she knew how much Ava loved horses!! It is seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen!!! Jayne has a wonderful shop with the cutest most precious gifts. Please visit her store here to see what other treasures you can find. Thanks Jayne for the awesome gift! WE love it!!!
So that's my painting project. On a very serious side note, I would really appreciate your thoughts and prayers for my family right now. We received terrible news on Monday about my Grandfather, and things have been touch and go ever since. He is still in the hospital, and we are not sure what is going to happen. THEN, today in fact just a few hours ago, we heard that my Grandma from the other side of the family was rushed to the hospital with fluid on her lungs. She had a stroke about three years ago, and has been in a care facility ever since, but was seemingly doing fine. Like I said, the news is fresh and I don't know what is going on there yet, but would just really appreciate your prayers. Her name is Connie and she lives in Pennsylvania. She is my dad's mom. My grandfather lives in Iowa, he is my mom's dad, and his name is Marvin. I just thought I would tell all of my awesome bloggy friends about this and ask for your prayers. Thank you so much for being so awesome here!! love y'all!

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