Christmas Presents!

Sunday, November 23, 2008 |

Obviously I have been in a blogging funk the past month or so, but I am hoping with the kids home this week for Thanksgiving break, and us taking a mini vacation later in the week to the Blue Ridge mountains for some family fun, I will be able to spend a little time in blog world while we are there!! Maybe I can pull out some dingbat stories from my "archives" as my mother calls them!! ha! Or more likely something will happen before then that will be worth blogging about!....Nothing crazy has happened in almost two weeks, and I'm pretty sure that sets a record for me, so I'm SURE the universe has something waiting around the corner for me and my dingbat self!! ha!ha!
Anyways, for now I thought I would put up pictures of my Niece's Christmas presents that I made this weekend. I am so happy with the way they turned out. Now I just hope my sister in law doesn't check my blog while she is in Mexico! (Hollie, if you see this, CLOSE YOUR EYES!!!!)

This is Hope's bulletin board. She has a very pink/shabby chic room that I think this will be gorgeous in! She also loves frogs. (or at least she did at one time........hopefully still does!) Oh, and the pom poms on the left side are not crooked, they must have just fallen that way when I took the picture! (had to CLARIFY that lest you think I am sloppy!! LOL!)

And this one is for my one of a kind niece Addie. If you met her, you would know why she is one of a kind. She's a MESS( in the south that means HILARIOUS!)!!! Her room is all different shades of purple, with touches of yellow and green.
I can't WAIT to give these to them for Christmas. Carter LOVES putting pictures/artwork/cards on his, and I think the girls will enjoy it too!

Hopefully I will be much more proactive in blog world this week, but until then, I hope y'all have a great week!!!

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