No school!! It's a "snow" day!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008 |

So, of course school was cancelled on Thursday the 17th due to ALL the snow.........funny thing is, when I woke up in the morning and looked outside, there was no snow!!

Oh well, I don't care, how often are my kids going to get a snow day living in Georgia?
Anyways, I was determined to make "no school, snow day" memories with the kids, so that's what we did. (well, I HOPE that's what we did...)

We kept the tv off the entire day and played music through the house. The kids got out their Christmas toys...(which they are already tired of!:-) and actually played with them. I asked them to give me one hour to get the house in order...(because you KNOW I can't have fun in an "unorderly" house!! I mean c'mon!!), and then we all sat down and painted with the paints they got for Christmas. Both kids are quite the artists, and love doing craft projects.....they must have aquired that from their nene!
Then Ava had her own little "dance off".........that girl can shake it to Amazing Grace if that's all that's available to her!! I will have to post a video of her sometime........Anyways, that got me and Carter laughing and in turn encouraged her more! She is definitely our little performer. My mom and dad say she reminds them of my brother Pete when he was a kid. They say she acts exactly like him!..........Well, let's just pray she turns out like him then, because right now she has a mind of her own and quite frankly she scares me a bit! (I'm not sure I can deal with another ME!!)

To end our great day, Craig came home from work and joined us for some more laughs and fun. Then Josh and Hannah brought strawberry shortcake over to celebrate Josh's new job!!
Oh yeah....Way to go Josh!! Congrats on the job!! Craig helped land Josh a job at his company as a project manager for a major account around the city!
Everyone was excited for different reasons, making it an all around great day.
I'ts definitely the "simple" things in life that bring the most joy and happiness!!
I hope everyone's snow days are as memorable as ours was!

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