More Snow!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008 |

Yes, it is true we had more snow here in the Atl!!

Shortly after we woke up this morning, the snow started falling hard!....Of course being converted southerners now, we immediatly cancelled all of our plans for the day..............there's something about snow here that puts the fear of God in you!! ha!ha!

So, we bundled all up.....and just to give you some insight, Ava had tights, leggings, sweats, jeans, long sleeved thermal, t-shirt, hooded sweater, coat, stocking hat, and a pair of socks on her feet and a pair on her hands.( I THINK they sell gloves/mittens here, but I've never actually looked!:-)ha!ha! It was quite an ordeal getting her dressed, she kept saying..that too mommy? what else?......of course we DID forget to "go potty" before getting dressed...SO......

Anyways, we went on a walk during the snowfall, and then later played with our neighbors in the backyard. BTW.....we LOVE our neighbors the Andersons!! Unfortunately the snow was melting almost faster than we could play with it, but Carter and Craig were still able to get a few good snowballs in!! (and a few tears shed by Carter because apparently Craig thought he was trying out for the major leagues when he threw the snowballs at Carter........!:-)

We ended the day with a BUBBLE BATH.....and boy did we have some bubbles!

(Craig later informed me that we are NOT supposed to put bubble bath in our jet tub....whoops! needless to say, I will be cleaning up bubbles for the next several days!! Oh well, the kids thought it was the greatest thing EVER!!)

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