Dogs, wands, and sunglasses!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008 |

Ava had her "bff" over to spend the night tonight. These two are quite a pair. Macauly thinks she's Ava's mother and orders her around . The funny thing is, that Ava does whatever she says! Ha! Incidentally, Hollie told me that when Ava was at their house, Addie thought she was Ava's mom too!!
Well, Ava thinks both girls hung the moon, so I guess that's why she lets them mother her! ha!ha!

Ok, so guess what Macauly was doing all night?? PLAYING WITH THE DOG!!!!!! I am not kidding. By pure instinct, when she sees the dog at first she screams, then she remembers that she likes Lilly, and gets one of those Macauly grins on her face and starts petting the dog.
Melissa doesn't believe me.................but then again anything that even rhymes with dog scares Melissa. She told my in laws that her intense fear of dogs was hereditary and she must have passed it on to her girls!..................Ya think??? We still laugh about that. I think I know what I'm getting Macauly for her next you Melissa!:-) hee hee......

So, I'm going to actually get to bed at a decent time tonight, I'm exhausted and have a big day tomorrow. I have to get myself and the kids passport pictures, and Hannah and I are doing most of the decorating and cupcakes/cookies/ for Addies princess birthday party on Saturday. I am sure that we will post some pics when done!! lata!

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  • Sandie

    You made me cry! It is just what I needed to hear today. You are still very special to me. I will always cherish our times together. I love You! Sandie