Banned from a restaurant??

Saturday, January 26, 2008 |

Ok, so I'm thinking that we might not be welcome at La Parilla anytime in the near future.

Hannah and I went over to Pete and Hollie's house tonight to set up for Addie's b-day party tomorrow. The kids were going crazy and we were struggling to get everything done. Pete came home and said that the Riddles wanted to meet for we all went to Laparilla on Dallas Highway. They did not have a table for all of us, but booths across from one another. We put all six kids in the same booth, and tried to ignore the fact that we were their parents...............BIG MISTAKE!!! I seriously can't write down everything that went on because I would still be typing, but let's just say that salsa, salt, cheese dip, dirty floor, soda, napkins, moving table (uh huh, they figured out the table was not glued to the floor) crayons, and more cheese dip were definitely not being viewed in their proper content.......pretty much let your imagination run, and then x's that by ten!!

I'm pretty sure the final straw came when Hope stood up in the booth and started to loose her balance grabbing the first thing she could to keep from falling............................the woman's hair behind her!!

I am soooo not kidding! I thought I was going to spit my soup! Honestly, definitely jumped in to my top ten funny moments in life! Ok, so maybe I shouldn't have burst out laughing (due to the fact that a ladies hair DID just get pulled), but you weren't there! Even Pete couldn't help but laugh. Hollie just pulled her hat over her head and continued to pretend we were not the houligan's parents!! Pete being the calm patient dad that he is, calmly scooped Hope up, and took her somewhere. Where? I don't know, I've always wondered where he takes them, but have never asked.

Pete was "calm" several times during dinner............poor Pete....not one of us got up to help him the whole time we were there. He took care of the entire chaotic situation while I just laughed.
Some things never change!! Way to be a parent Pete!! all six kids.................oh, and btw....did you pay for the artwork our children drew....................on their plates?

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