Cousin fun!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008 |

Tonight Carter's cousin Hope came over to spend the night. Carter told Hopie about the bubble bath last night, and then proceeded to beg for another one. EVEN though Craig told me NOT to do that again, (apparently it breaks the jets?.....huh?....what does that mean?).....I couldn't help myself from letting them have one. I mean who am I to deprive these children of what could be the single most greatest experience of their lives??
Well, ok that might be going a LITTLE overboard, but it seriously has to be in at least the top ten experiences of a child!!? I mean have you SEEN how many bubbles I put in the tub? Were YOU allowed to do that as a child? I seriously doubt it. There are very few moms/aunts as cool as me that would do that in the world today..............i'm just sayin'...........that's all.
Anyways, OF COURSE they had an unbelievable amount of fun. Hopie could care less how much soap/bubbles were in her eyes, she just kept laughing and diving under the water. Carter of course being my slightly reserved child (perspective: as reserved as you can get being a Zawisza!;-), thought that Hope was hilarious, and decided he better not let her "show him up" he started diving too! There was more choking gagging and spitting going on than on an episode of fear factor!
They didn't seem to care though. The laughter and giggles trumped the choking!
Anyways, we love when Hopie spends the night. I hope as these two grow, they will keep their tight bond. Everyone who knows Carter and Hope, knows they share a deep love for eachother! We love you Hopie! Come again soon! And try not to get me in trouble tomorrow by burping bubbles!! (i did kinda forget to mention that they drank half the tub.............probablly not a great thing.......)

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