Addie's birthday party!

Sunday, January 27, 2008 |

Addie had her birthday party last night, and it was so much fun!

Of course the bff's take time out for a pose!

So here is where it gets good!......... No, your eyes are not decieving you, this IS the one and only Pete Hixson!! I'm going to be the first to say that his love for his little girls goes VERY deep............I mean, the picture says it all! It's going to be a LONG time before his friends let him live this one down!! Once again, way to be a dad prince Pete!!

Although Carter is not quite convinced Uncle Pete should be in tights!!

Don't EVEN mess with my dad!!

Apparently Pete needed to regain his manliness by being the human pinata holder and changing out of those ever so restricting tights............I wish I could report to you that he did not get hit, but alas.......he got whacked right in the leg by a fiesty little boy taking his aggressions out on the pinata (and Pete).........I would also like to report that everyone felt sorry for Pete and that nobody laughed........but alas again......all party guests actually cheered and clapped! Especially his good buddies. (because you KNOW that as soon as they got in the car to go home, all wives would be saying..."see what PETE does for his girls?? You're wearing tights at our next party!".....hmmpphh)

The time had come to go, but Ava was nowhere to be found!!

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