Lifetime friends!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008 |

My phone rang today, and most who know me, know I rarely answer my home phone.......(i'm such a rebel!:-) Anyways, I answered it today, and it was my lifelong friend Stacie from Iowa!! I LOVE it when we get to talk!
We always reminisce about our highschool years and I try to get the low down on everyone still in Iowa. Since we went to a very small Christian Highschool, everyone was kind of tight and she still pals around with lots of our friends. So, I get to hear what's going on with everyone and of course always love to catch up with Stacie and her family.
Her mom Sandie was like a second mom to me in highschool. She was my cheerleading coach and the school secretary..........oh the memories!!!
Anyways, after talking to her I got to thinking.........(watch it! smart remarks or I will ban you from my blog!!!.............if i can.), true and I mean really TRUE friends are a gift from God. Stacie and her brother Brian and their parents are those kind of friends. When I think about my highschool years in Des Moines 85% of my memories invole this family in one way or another. It just got me thinking....(uh huh, twice in one day!!.....i'm feeling a little faint at the moment!:-), after all these years, living far away from eachother, and living completely different and seperate lives, this is a family that I still consider very close friends. My whole point is that those kind of relationships are far and few between, and I just think it's neat how God puts people in your life like that! That's all! I'm done...............all this thinking is making my wrist hurt...why my WRIST you ask? Because at first it was making my head throb, so i put my hand on my head and leaned on my arm....too long. So, now my wrist hurts. Oh well, it should feel better soon, I've definitely put a stop to this thinking thing. I will not do that twice in a day again...........I need to "work" myself up to that gradually................kind of like the stairmaster you know?...........oh, that's a different story, and it would involve that "t" word again, so at the risk of getting another wristache, I will go to bed now!!
Another day.....another time..........

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