Gone in a FLASH!.....and thanks MOM!:-0)

Friday, December 19, 2008 |

(This is what the UPS truck in my neighborhood now looks like after "the incident".....)

So I wake up this morning and this is the first email I get. A comment that my MOTHER had left on my previous post. Now, if anyone wants to know where I get my mischievous side....look no further.....it definitely comes from my MOM! Oh yeah she pretends to be so surprised and shocked by my behavior, but then she is constantly prodding and egging on more of it! There is DEFINITELY no doubt where the dingbattyness comes from......don't let her fool you, this could have VERY easily happened to her! The only difference is she wouldn't have written it in a post for the whole world to see!!! (I'm just crazy like that...)

hey guys........just a little story for ya on the side here....today...i SAW it with my own two eyes....yeah, that's right........the UPS man!!!.....i was watching the kids while Heidi was out and he rang the doorbell and we immediately looked out the window.........and i KID YOU NOT........he was RUNNING back to his little get-up.....i seriously mean RUNNING........now, i know at this time of the year they have a zillion deliveries......but hey.......this was different......he was running and put that get-up in gear and was GONE in a flash!.........so i mentioned this to Heidi when she got home.....and of course she was in work out clothing.....and as i saw her little tennis shoes.....and she explained to me the t-shirt she had on wasn't even as long as the shirt she had on today........i was visualizing her without pants........and , oh my word........i just started giggling and couldn't stop........it is even funnier to see her live in her work out clothes and then imagine...MINUS THE PANTS!!!........OMG!........so funny!!!....and Patricia........you are SO right.........Heidi get those books away from the fireplace...and everything else for that matter.......YOU SCARE ME GIRL!

Yeah, THANKS MOM!!!!! Scare? I don't think so. You would LOVE it if my books caught on fire and I had another "story" to tell! So stop trying to act so innnocent here....now the whole world knows where I get it from! Dare I refresh your memory of the time you were CONVINCED that someone was bbq'ing dad to eat him? I'm still traumatized by that moment..........yeah, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree....that's FO SHO!!!

*So just out of curiousity.....how many of you would like to hear THAT story?? I would be more than happy to tell it........come to think of it, this MIGHT be the very moment that my life took the turn that it did......and MAYBE just maybe all of my 'incidents' can be traced back to the traumatizing day that I was told that my dad was being bbq'ed and eaten for dinner!!!!*

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  • Deare Diary

    Mother and daughter sharing stories....I love it. Sounds like you two are close. Keep making memories and sharing the stories with us. We love em!!!

  • Sandi Hixson

    oh boy...i opened a can of worms didn't i???
    well...go ahead and tell the bbq story....it was the result of watching too many murder movies i spose!........but girl, YOU weren't the only one traumatized!.....what is ONE to think when ONE comes home to a FOREIGNER in your garage with the BBQ grill going full steam????......and ONE honks the horn for SAID husband to come to the rescue...and SAID husband does NOT come to the rescue from inside the safety of the house...honk after honk after honk after honk.....that is the point where i put the car in reverse and backed out thru the VERY narrow path with SNOW walls 15 ft. high on each side and made it back out to the road (which was ICY, by the way) and slipped and slid back into town and went straight to Pastor Crown's house and called your DAD!!!.......ok...now you tell the rest....and you think YOU were the only one traumatized??????????....hey, maybe that IS what is wrong with us???....well....i'm gonna use it...that's my story and i'm stickin to it!

  • Anonymous

    Don't worry Heidi, you and your mom both scare me. I think Hannah is the only one that has not lost it yet.

  • Heidi

    I want to come to dinner at your house. You guys have got to get into some trouble together. And I absolutely want to hear the story. top to bottom.

  • Sandi Hixson

    i forgot to tell you.....and this is the TRUTH.......i giggled into the whole night...and when i got into bed last nite....i started giggling uncontrollably...with that MENTAL picture still in my head....good thing your dad was out of town.........it MIGHT have woke him up!!!
    and BTW.........hey...come on now MEL!!!....you KNOW i'm the sane one!....don't you? come on...

  • gretchen

    I have to agree...Hannah may be the only sane one...My mom laughs herself to tears almost every time your names even come up ;)

  • Sandi Hixson

    well, besides...the bit about your dad being eaten...well, it was just a "hypothesis" ....until...well, you know, the truth could be discovered....

  • Brandi McCallum

    okay we do need the full "My Dad was bbq'd" story now... and I must say we love you guys soooo much ....laughter is always great medicine... so now we know why u guys stay healthy most of the time :-)

  • Patricia

    I wanna be invited to the Larry BBQ. Oh, you mean Sandi thought someone bbq'ed Larry... maybe it is wishful thinking... either way, I have always seen your mom fully clothed... I have always seen you fully clothed too, but that is just because I do not go to YOUR gym. I am on Sandie's side, but bring on the story! Does Pete take after y'all? How about some Pete-is-a-dingbat stories?

  • Lindsay-ann

    I would love to hear THAT story.
    You are both so funny and have brightened my day!

  • Heidi Zawisza

    Sorry Patricia no dingbat stories on my brother. Him and my sister take MUCH more after my dad. They are a little bit on the worry wart side, and tend to think a little more "reasonably" than me and my mom!!.............(but we have more fun!!!!...hehehehe.....:)
    Actually it is true that Hannah is TRULY the only sane one....because when Pete acts up, WATCH OUT!!! He could have been a stand up comedian!

  • Carol

    Oh yes now we have to hear the end of the My Dad was bbq'd, story.

  • Anonymous

    Just to confirm what is already very clear, I am definately the ONLY one in this family that is sane!! And I'm struggling to keep my sanity after living with this clan all of these years!!

  • Rachel

    Are you kidding? You think you actually have to ASK this eager crowd to tell a story like THAT?

    Waiting with a worm on my tongue (baited breath, ya know? :)

  • Anonymous

    Now that the story has has it's prelude, you must continue in true Heidi style... I don't want to start anything here ;) but I'm just getting this 'feeling' that Mother has the upper-hand on the crazyness!!!:) I wait with baited breath...

  • Heidi Zawisza

    Mr. Anonymous...a.k.a DAD,
    Are you KIDDING me? YOU? SANE? YOU'RE the reason I can't leave my house without everything perfectly in its place, and why I have anxiety attacks when things are out of order!! Which might account for me not being in the right state of mind at times therefore causing some of my "incidents".......
    OH NO, you aren't getting off the hook THAT easy!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Heidi, your dad is the only sane one in your family. You are just jealous cuzz that is a characteristic that you did not get from him. Don't worry, I believe Hannah is the only one that was lucky enough to get that characteristic.

  • BethAnne

    Yep, I wanna hear it

  • Anonymous

    I am game.

    Also,wanna see snow? Come to my page. It has been snowing here since Friday!

  • PamperingBeki

    *sigh*, I'm so glad you're back!

    You were missed, Blogging BFF.

    (someday I'll tell the story of flashing my boobs to the mailman...)

  • heidi

    I'm coming to dinner with the other heidi. Oh what FUN we'd have. And guess what? My mom's name is Sandy, too.

    Miss ya, girlie.

  • Connie

    Hey Heidi..Hope you are okay. I miss your blog putting a smile on my face! Connie

  • Lindsay-ann

    Hello Heidi
    I am missing your blog. I hope everything is ok.

  • heidi

    Pssst - we miss you. You don't have to be amazingly hilarious or witty or anything, we'll still love you!

    Hope everything is ok.

  • Susie Homemaker

    Come out, come out wherever you are!

    Miss you girl!

    P.S. Get off facebook! I know that's where you are...

  • Anonymous

    Heidi! I've been thinking of you, and praying that all is well with you and your family... Big hugs! Naomi x

  • TUTU Monkey

    Hey.......just thinking about you....I hope everything is okay....just checking...:)

  • Anonymous

    I am worried about you, hope all is well, miss your blog!

  • Sandi Hixson

    i can't believe i fell for clicking on your blog today...in HIGH hopes, i guess, after all, you promised you would blog on vacation..well...that didn't happen...i have STRANGERS emailing me, begging me to get you to blog...well...obedience was never your STRONG point anyway...and i guess you are NOT going to be blogging....sadly...i promise to never click again....
    love you anyway,
    your mama

  • TUTU Monkey

    What!!! You are NEVER coiming back?

  • Carrie

    Haha. I love that UPS pic! It's too bad they don't personalize more of those trucks. It would make things so much more interesting. :)


    PS-I've just found your blog through "a girl a boy and a pug."
    Super cute! :D

  • Anonymous

    Please start back blogging again at least once in awile. I don't know you, but you have a wonderful sense of humor and a lovely family. I enjoyed reading your blog and miss reading about your experiences with your family and friends.I hope you are enjoying the summer. Take care and do consider coming back.

  • Nishant

    praying that all is well with you and your family..

    Work from home India