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So Craig and I almost get a divorce every year when it comes time to put up the tree. I make him string the lights, and of course because he could really care less, he tends to just grab the string and walk around and around the tree with them making our tree look like it's being held hostage or something. I of course make him take them off and start over, screaming explaining to him that they need to be INSIDE the tree and wrapped in and out not just AROUND........which is where the fighting and bickering usually escalates to us throwing ornaments at each other while calling the other names ends up ruining the tree decorating occasion for the entire family. I tell myself EVERY year that I am not going to let it get to me, and then don't ya know I look at the tree after it takes Craig three seconds to string a twelve foot tree with lights, and I can't help myself. I lose it. I've tried been tempted to string HIM up and then plug him in!!

Having said ALL that, this year he actually GOT IT RIGHT!! I had been preparing myself all day to remain calm when he would inevitably "bind" our tree with lights expecting to be done, and I was completely SHOCKED and elated to see what a beautiful job he had done this year. Now why in the world did that take him eight years to figure out? Oh well, either way I love our tree, and ornament dodge ball was avoided this year!! (that in and of itself is a Zhouse miracle!!......though I felt slightly cheated when the night went off without me getting to throw even ONE ornament at him. Seemed like traditions were just getting broken left and right......)

I was taking these pictures at night and trying to get pictures of the actual ornaments, but I really couldn't get a good one so I'll just explain them. Carter and Ava L.O.V.E. ornaments. Therefore we have TONS. I am a firm believer in the tree being very fun, memorial, and nostalgic, so EVERY ornament that we have ever received or made goes on our tree every year. In order for me to get my "pretty" in, I incorporate big ornament balls in the colors of my decor, and add giant bows throughout the tree. This way I figure we get the best of both worlds. The kids have the nostalgia of all their ornaments (tacky and beautiful), and I still find a way to tie it in to my decor. We absolutely LOVE our Christmas tree, and the kids just sit and stare at it daily.

This cute little snowman was a gift from Carter. Every year his school holds a "Christmas shop" where the students can purchase discounted items for their family. Carter absolutely ADORES this tradition, and is sooooo excited to shop on his own and purchase gifts. Last week he brought his gifts home, and he just couldn't bare for us to wait until Christmas to open them up. I am so glad that we didn't wait because I love the cute snowman decoration that he picked out for me. I asked him where he thought I should put it, and he came up with this location all by himself. He was so proud and of course my heart melted watching him look for the perfect place. I think he chose a WONDERFUL location, and therefore will be placed there for years to come!!!!
Another tradition that I started last year is displaying all of our Christmas books by the fireplace. I actually put these books away for the rest of the year and only get them out at Christmas. Displaying them encourages us to read them nightly, and the kids LOVE it! To the left is our Christmas basket that I keep our Christmas cards that we receive in.
Merry Christmas!

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  • Anonymous

    your house looks beautiful.

  • P.S.He loves you..

    LOVE your tree truly it's just wonderful and as your post goes always so funny to read..surely he does "it" because HE LOVES to tangle with you! Great traditions also! GOOD JOB..hey could you zoom in on the's curious not a traditional "skrit?" Nice!

  • P.S.He loves you..

    and so goes the saying "dawn can't spell" but you knew I was referring to the tree trunk right?

  • rick

    beautiful tree and awesome home.
    Merry Christmas

  • rick

    Heidi, sorry for the RICK comment. I am using my husbands computer....ugh oh....when you read my blog you will see I am having MAJOR problems....
    Yaysfunhouse...better known as LUCY

  • Connie

    Your tree is beautiful and it's so neat that your children love the ornaments. I still put all the special handmade ornaments from my 3 D's on the tree. It just makes it special. The lights look good! Merry Christmas! Connie

  • Susie Homemaker

    Heidi Girl,
    Your tree looks amazing...and, how wonderful that no ornaments were harmed in the making of the tree.


  • Julie

    Heidi,the tree looks glorious!! It's wonderful that you are creating traditions and memories for Carter & Ava...they won't forget them. I love the Christmas book display!

    Love you!

  • Mr. Daddy

    I am thoroughly impressed:
    I can just imagine Craig, chanting his Buzz light year diddy: (TO INFINITY AND BEYOND) diving off the couch,bouncing off the ball and circling that big bad boy of a tree, with a light string.

    He did a great job, but I can see why you would be let down by not being able to toss an ornament or two at him!!!!!

    the loss of a tradition is not to be taken lightly::

    Maybe you ought to??????


    Forget I mentioned it. Marital bliss has something to be said for it also:o)

    Happy Holidays

  • Anonymous

    SO PRETTY! Your house is georgous!

  • BethAnne

    It all looks so pretty - makes me want to come and stay at your house through the holidays to get away from the merry go round called the holidays that I cannot stop! When will the guest room be ready for me???????

  • Heidi

    Looks like you are all ready for Santa. Great tree & I love the plate. My daughter & I went to the pottery place & made a mug for Daddy for Christmas. Making a Santa Cookie plate would be awesome. I may steal your idea.

  • Anonymous

    Heidi! OMG'ness!!! Your tree looks stunning. Glad there was no busting of ornaments this year; I never like it when I lose one of mine, but each year Eli opens up the box, at least one more bites the dust...

    I do the 'bring the Christmas books out at Christmas' thing too. Gotta link it all with literature, don't we?!! Carter has his Mummy's skill of putting things right where they should go... his skinny legged snowman is gorgeous!

    Hope you're having a wonderful day.

  • Deare Diary

    Your tree and home looks beautifully decorated. I am glad that you finally let us see, it was worth the wait. MERRY CHRISTMAS

  • Scrapper Mom

    Well, at least you GET help. The extent of my help from the hubs is getting it out of the attic and from then on we're pretty much on our own. I think he conveniently dissappears when it's time to do all the hard stuff. I'm too OCD about it anyway. It's hard enough letting my daughter do it without having the urge to redo.. I can imagine what it would look like if hubby strung lights.

    That's one humongus tree. Do you have to have a ladder to get lights up there? WOW.

    Everything looks really pretty. I love your tall ceilings. Your tree goes perfectly there.

    Ok, I'll stop rambling now!! lol. Merry Christmas.

  • rebekah kern

    OK - I am totally copying your Christmas cards in the festive basket idea! Way better than all over the refrigerator and doorway - I am always troubled by the extra clutter of the cards but don't feel right about just putting them back in the envelope! Merry Christmas!!

  • Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family)

    Your tree is beautiful! We use ornaments that mean something to us too and each year we just love it. I like that our tree is personal and does not look like it belongs in a department store.

  • Heidi Zawisza

    Thanks for all of the compliments! Bethanne, the guest room awaits! P.S. He loves you, the tree skirt is just a normal one, I'm not sure why it looks weird in the picture..... and about the HUGENESS of the tree, we HAVE to keep getting a bigger tree each year because of all the ornaments!!! LOL!!! This is actually the biggest one we've had so far....... And to think I used to careless about having a I'm obsessed!!

  • Patricia

    Nice pics... Heidi please move the flammable books away from the flaming FIREplace lest the next entry be entitled The roof is on fire.

  • Deare Diary

    I liked your tree so much that ....I went and drug out all of my ornaments and re-decorated my tree!! It is a womans prerogative to change her mind, right?

  • Deare Diary

    I left you a message on my blog!!!!!

  • Susie Homemaker

    Heidi...Your tree is a stunner! Glad you and Craig were able to set good examples this year...LOL!

    Your house is really pretty...


  • Jennifer

    Beautiful Heidi! We need to do another house tour on the ole' blogs. I see a glimpse of a clock on the side and the kitchen in the other pic. :)

  • Sandi Hixson

    hey guys........just a little story for ya on the side SAW it with my own two eyes....yeah, that's right........the UPS man!!!.....i was watching the kids while Heidi was out and he rang the doorbell and we immediately looked out the window.........and i KID YOU NOT........he was RUNNING back to his little get-up.....i seriously mean, i know at this time of the year they have a zillion deliveries......but hey.......this was different......he was running and put that get-up in gear and was GONE in a flash! i mentioned this to Heidi when she got home.....and of course she was in work out clothing.....and as i saw her little tennis shoes.....and she explained to me the t-shirt she had on wasn't even as long as the shirt she had on today........i was visualizing her without pants........and , oh my word........i just started giggling and couldn't is even funnier to see her live in her work out clothes and then imagine...MINUS THE PANTS!!!........OMG! funny!!!....
    and are SO right.........Heidi get those books away from the fireplace...and everything else for that matter.......YOU SCARE ME GIRL!

  • Lindsay-ann

    Your tree looks magnificent Heidi. I laughed about your husband and the tree lights. We put lights on a tree in our front garden. Last year I did it and my husband said it looked a mess. This year I left it to him to do. He went out there when it was pouring with rain and nearly dark. He was chuntering away and was most displeased to find that a cat had been using the tree as a toilet and he had trodden in everything. Yuck. He was not a very happy hubby but our tree looks great!

  • Heidi

    Your tree and home look beautiful. I couldn't even get my husband to bother with the lights this year so that is another way to avoid the fight.

  • TUTU Monkey

    So pretty!!!!!!

    I am a little late but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year just the same!!

  • David, Tammy, Megan and Hobbes

    Love the tree and I'm glad you managed not to kill Craig this year. My plan to avoid such things happening was to just leave the tree put together with the lights on this year but wouldn't you know it that all but two of my strings burned out. UUGGGHH!

  • Nishant

    ..Heidi get those books away from the fireplace...and everything else for that matter.....

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