Promises Promises.......

Friday, December 12, 2008 |

I promise an update this weekend, and when Christmas is over and the new year has begun, my New Years goal is to resume my blogging regimen. At first I was in a blogging funk, but by the time I came out of that it was holiday season, and all of my spare "computer time" has been shopping for "deals" online, and getting everything I need for Christmas. I HATE going to toy stores, the mall, or even Walmart at this time of the year, so I get EVERYTHING online. I am happy to say that because I am such a "deal seeker", I have saved TONS of money on gifts this year by literally shopping till I drop.....from the comfort of my living room of course!! ha!ha! (hubs isn't too thrilled with this....but that's a WHOLE other story!...ha!)
Thank you for being such sweet friends and blogging pals here. I am completely flabbergasted that y'all keep emailing me and commenting here that you miss my blog. I miss yours too, and can't wait to get back into the swing of blog world. I promise that facebook any unknown sources are NOT the reason for my non blogging these days. Although I do LOVE facebook, I truly have been over the top busy lately, and blogging has just had to take a back seat.

So there you go......these are my excuses reasons for my absence here on the 'ole blog. But NEVER FEAR I VILL RETURN!!!! muuaahhhhhh.......(my evil laugh....)

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