Time to pack!!.........Good thing all these clothes are CLEAN!!!:-??:-).......Ugghhhh

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 |

On Friday morning Craig and I and the kids are leaving with other VL members to go on a missions trip to the Dominican Republic. While we are extremely excited and totally pumped to see what God is going to do,............I must admit that my nerves are kicking in big time right about now! First, I hate flying, second I hate flying, and third I totally hate flying.......oh, and did I mention that I'm pretty sure that I am really going to hate flying with BOTH of my kids?
Carter has flown before, but Ava has not....should be interesting........
Anyways, we are going to be doing a vacation bible school there, visiting some orphanages, and just going to a few villages and spreading God's love. I am so excited to expose my children to a different way of life, and I hope that their young little hearts will be tender to the other children there. I also am hoping that they will see that there are MANY children in this world that do not live the way they live, and I hope that they will become appreciative of all that they are blessed with!.........(am i hoping for too much??:-)
Thank you to EVERYONE who has financially and prayerfully contributed to this trip! We are SOO thankful for your support! Please continue to pray for our family as well as the other families that are going to the Dominican. Please pray for safety traveling and safety within the country.
My prayer is that the Dominican's will be able to see God's love in us, and want to know what it is that we have, and want the same for their lives!
I can NOT close this post without asking for prayer for our translators as well! PLEASE pray for them, because if I have to start speaking Spanish, there's NO TELLING what may come out of my mouth!!.....................................I really DON'T want to be the one responsible for getting everyone kicked out of the country!!....How embarrassing would that be??.....ooh, i shutter at the thought............
(now I just need to figure out how heavy our suitcases can be, because I'm seriously considering just stuffing all the laundry above in some suitcases and calling it a day.....I mean surely everything I need is in that pile right??)
oh, and there will be NO posts until I get back.........I'm definitely going to be "roughing it" without my computer........YIKES!!!!!

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