aahhhhh......Alas we have to say goodbye....sniff sniff

Sunday, April 27, 2008 |

Bye Bye PCB, see ya next time!...Ha! Ha! Yesterday afternoon after squeezing in four last hours on the beach, we headed back to the great ATL! I arrived home around two thirty this morning, and got straight in the bed for some MUCH needed rest after our WILD and CRAZY weekend. It's funny because we were "getting away" in the first place for some rest and relaxation, and we ended up acting like teenagers and not going to bed before three am each night! Ha! Go figure! Needless to say, the problem with that is, I am NOT a teenager, and no amount of acting like one is going to fool my thirty SOMETHING body!...............oh to be young again and be able to recover from a weekend like this in a day or two,..........instead of the WEEK that it's going to take ME!!!!!!! Ha!Ha!Ha!
IT WAS WORTH IT THOUGH!! We had such a great time just being away from all responsibilities and commitments, and just laughing and being crazy! I think ALL women need to get away with their friends from time to time for some rejuvenation!!
I have to say though, the closer I got to Atlanta, the more I couldn't wait to see my husband and children. I am so thankful for a husband who makes sacrifices and takes GREAT care of the kids so that I can go on these trips every now and then! Thank you sweetie!

And thanks girlies for the GREAT fun weekend!! Can't wait till next time!..........and maybe next time we can see Shawty's "patio furniture"!

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